Click and Freeze Life’s Biggest Moments – 7 Sweet Ways to Include Your Dad in Your Wedding Photography

Your Dad’s been there through your entire life, from the day you took your first steps all the way through to the day he gave you away at your wedding ceremony. He’s held your hand and wiped away your tears, and now, he’s one of the most important people in your life as he walks you down the aisle on one of the biggest days of your life, just before you marry the man of your dreams.

Wedding photography Melbourne can help you remember every moment, so you won’t want to forget small details, like including your father in your wedding photography. Here are seven sweet ways to include your dad in your wedding photography.

The Father-Daughter Dance

Wedding photography is an expression of love. When you are looking for a photographer to shoot your wedding, remember to include the father-daughter dance in your list of shots. This is a perfect moment to click. Wedding videography Melbourne will help capture all those special moments of dancing with your father so you can always remember them.

The First Look

The first look is the perfect way to include dad in wedding photography. It’s a sweet, intimate moment just between the bride and the father of the bride. With the first look, dad gets to see you in your dress before the ceremony starts, giving him a chance to get his emotions in check before he walks you down the aisle. Also, with the first look, you can avoid having one of those tearful Daddy gives away her daughter moments that happen during a traditional walk down the aisle.

Walking Her Down the Aisle

The father of the bride is the most important guest at the wedding. He should be given special care by the bride, groom, and wedding planners. The father of the bride usually walks his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. Wedding photographers Melbourne can take some great photos of this moment when he walks his daughter down the aisle. Photographers should also take lots of photos of him during the reception with his new son-in-law.

The Reception

One of the best ways to include your dad at your wedding is by having a reception video. Wedding videography Melbourne captures all the special moments, including the dad’s speech or any well wishes for the new bride and groom. This will help you relive these memories after the wedding has passed, but also share them with your children so they can see how much their grandparents loved them.

Catching the Garter

Traditionally, the groom throws a garter after the bride tosses her bouquet so that any unmarried woman at the wedding can try their luck. If you want to include your dad in your wedding photography, capture his reaction as he catches the garter. The photo could be a close-up of him with an expression of excitement, or it could be a wide shot of him with other guests around him. Either way, this is an opportunity for you to have some fun with your dad!

Cake Cutting

There are so many ways to include your dad in your wedding photos. One way is by capturing an image of him cutting the cake with his daughter. Not only will this be a very special photo, but it will also be a great keepsake for years to come.

When it comes time for the cake cutting, there are plenty of sweet ways to include your dad. One idea is to have him cut the cake while you hold up a plate. Another idea is for your dad and groom to share the first slice of cake together before you start feeding each other bites from a fork.

Dancing Together

One of the favourite things about weddings is the father-daughter dance. It’s a beautiful moment where two people who have made each other so proud for their entire lives are able to enjoy one last slow dance together. You can capture this beauty with a few easy clicks of the shutter or by opting for wedding videography Melbourne.

Wrapping Up

The wedding day is filled with so many emotions it’s easy for the father of the bride to feel left out. You want your dad to be happy, and you want him by your side on this special day. There are so many ways to include your dad in your wedding photos, from having him dance with you at the reception to taking a photo of him when he was young as a way of showing how much he’s grown up with you. No matter what, it’s important that you make sure your dad knows just how much he means to you on your big day!

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