When closed, the Dell XPS thirteen 2020 seems significantly like any other ultrabook laptop. Feel silver finish, compact and mild, seller symbol on the leading and you’ve got bought the layout recipe for just about any ultraportable, genuinely.

On the other hand, this ultraportable is slightly lesser than you may think, measuring in at a scant 15.8x302x199mm. It truly is only when you open it up that you operate out how Dell keeps the XPS thirteen so svelte, and that’s since the thirteen-inch display screen has exceptionally nominal bezels all around it. Scaled-down bezels allow for you to produce a lesser laptop general, which would make the Dell XPS thirteen 2020 easy to have all around or sling into a bag as requires be.

That lesser layout isn’t really wasted when it comes to the keyboard possibly, which extends to significantly the similar bezel placement as the display, so it genuinely would make the most of its place. Critical vacation is very fantastic for an ultrabook, whilst I wasn’t as significantly a fan of the divided cursor critical layout on the XPS thirteen. Potentially I just like acquiring standard-sized up and down cursor keys much more than most people, but over and above that, the Dell XPS 13’s keyboard performs perfectly.

As with most of Dell’s range, there is certainly a diploma of customisation when it comes to the display screen on the Dell XPS thirteen 2020. The leading tier styles ship with a 4K-capable thirteen.4-inch touch display screen, but the review design as analyzed was the much more moderately priced non-touch-capable thirteen.4-inch Total High definition display screen. At this kind of dimensions, 4K may be overkill for lots of people, whilst if you are a fan of touchscreen iteration, it truly is the way you would have to go. Even now, the display screen on the standard design was properly sharp and shiny, and the lack of outstanding bezels genuinely does attract your eye into the display screen whether you are performing or having a sneaky Netflix binge break.

At just 15.8mm large, there is certainly only so significantly place for exterior ports on the Dell XPS thirteen 2020, and it truly is 1 notable weak position if you do have to have to plug in a lot of exterior devices. The correct side of the Dell XPS thirteen 2020 houses a Thunderbolt three/USB-C port with DisplayPort and Ability Supply capabilities as perfectly as a microSD card reader. The left-hand side mirrors that Thunderbolt USB-C port, as perfectly as a three.5mm headphone jack, and that’s your lot. The twin ports do signify that you can demand the Dell XPS thirteen 2020 from possibly side, but if your workflow encompasses a lot of peripherals, or you have to have capabilities like wired Ethernet obtain, it could get clunky with USB docks and adaptors.

A person fantastic tiny layout be aware that I truly did not even spot at initial is the site of the Dell XPS thirteen 2020’s integrated webcam. In an period of endless Zoom conferences, a webcam is one thing of a should, but at initial, you may suppose the Dell XPS thirteen 2020 is missing when it comes to an integrated online video digital camera. It truly is located in the leading bezel, virtually imperceptibly concealed in the extremely compact black strip at the leading. It truly is not the most effective webcam I’ve ever analyzed, but it truly is Okay for essential use.