Surfer girls are unlike any other. The beach may be our summer getaway but for these babes, the beach is their second home. While the rest of us lie down to relax and try to soak up the sun, these galsenjoy the rush of riding waves and being tossed around in the water.

So what do girls who practically live on the beach, wear? Do they even give their clothes a secondthought?

Turns out they do! Why wouldn’t they? They have perfectly toned, beautifully tanned bodies from being in the sun all day. Who wouldn’t want to show that off!

Here’s our breakdown of the latest surfer girl fashion.

  • Mix and match bikinis

Surfer girls spend much of their time in bikinis. While they want their butts to look amazing in their bikini bottoms they need the bikini bottoms to be practical too.

You don’t want something as revealing as the Brazilian thong bikini but you do want something that shows a little peak of your rear.

It’s no surprise that surfer girls own more bikinis than other ladies. To keep things fresh, they often mix and match their bikinis. Try pairing solids with prints the next time you go to the beach.

  • Beach Poncho

Beach ponchos are usually made out of light-weight and sheer fabric. If you’re heading out to the beach bar, these ponchos are perfect to pop on during a stroll on the sand and pull right off before you jump into the water.

  • Crocheted Tops & Dresses

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Crocheted tops and dresses add a layer to your bikini. For all those hot and humid nights where you don’t want to put anything on, a breathable crocheted top/dress is the way to go.

  • Strappy dresses

Strappy dresses make the perfect beach to bar outfit. It isn’t uncommon to head to the bar for a few drinks after a day at the beach. Match them with a pair of gladiator sandals and off you go!

  • Denim shorts

Denim shorts work on the beach whether it is cold or hot. You can wear them with an oversized sweater during the winters or with a flowy blouse in the summer. Denims are always comfortable and can be easily washed, making them a great addition to your beach outfits.

Put on a lightweight button-down top to wear over your bikini, with some sandals and a tote bag to complete your look.

  • Crop tops

Lightweight, flowy crop tops that don’t absorb water is what you’re looking for. You can work them with denim shorts and even wear them on top of your bikini bottoms too and stand out in the water.

Go ahead and tease the world with a peak at your toned abs!

  • Bracelets


We’re not talking about anything expensive and dangly but just because you’re on the beach doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize your swimwear.

Buy yourself lots of travel bracelets that are sold on the beach. Find unique, fun pieces decorated with seashells and bold colors. They fit tightly against your wrist and won’t be damaged by water. Don’t just put on one or two, you need lots of them to make a statement – Think old school Avril Lavigne but with color.

There you go, whether or not you’re a surfer girl, all girls can rock their outfits on the sand with these beach-friendly items.