December 2, 2021


Shopping Works Wonders

Sam Burgess’ racy text message affair revealed

News Corp has obtained 15 pages of WhatsApp messages between Burgess and a woman who claims to have had an affair with him in 2017.

The pair traded flirty banter from November to May of that year, using the pet names “The Big Rig” and “Monkey”.

They shared photographs of themselves, including one which she concluded “THE RIG IS LOOKING S E X Y”, and frequently caught up in Melbourne – at upmarket hotels and a night club.

The explosive messages come after NSW Police and the NRL’s Integrity Unit launched separate investigations into a swathe of misconduct allegations against the 31-year-old.

Here is an edited version of the messages.

Messages to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption.

23/10/17, 7:14:58 pm


7:14:58pm: I’m in Melb….what’s the hot spots ??

7:16:04 pm : Sorry new phone.. who is this?

7:21:43 pm: Big rig English lad. That knows

7:36:14 pm [Name withheld] : Oh hahahaha

7:36:19 pm [Name withheld] Hello there

7:36:28 pm [Name withheld] : Monday’s are a bit hard

7:36:35 pm [Name withheld] How long you here for?

7:37:46 pm [Name withheld] I’m around tonight If you want to hang

7:39:39 pm Monday’s hard?? No way-Best day of the week. Here for a few days. Staying down in the city. Where are you at? Wanna arm wrestle?

7:41:43 pm [Name withheld] Hahahaha I don’t want belittle you with my huge guns. I live east, about 15 from

city… there are places to go Monday yes but might not be pumping

7:42:03 pm [Name withheld] Have you tried holy moly golf? lol that’s a new in thing to Melbourne

7:42:17 pm [Name withheld] Guessing you can’t really be seen out with a girl though. Let’s be honest

7:42:27 pm [Name withheld] Drinking wise… crown?

7:43:10 pm [Name withheld] Happy to come in your way just give me notice as it will take 45

7:46:32 pm Sam Burgess: Yeah will be quiet tonight lass. Had a big day travel.

Bring your guns over and see what you got 😳.

7:47:05 pm [Name withheld] : Have you got alchohol in your room?

7:47:11 pm Sam Burgess: :

,7:47:37 pm [Name withheld] : Also are you in hotel alone or traveling and staying with other guys as I won’t come if there is a chance of anyone seeing me!

7:47:48 pm Sam Burgess: I am not even sure – haven’t checked my stash just yet.

7:48:23 pm Sam Burgess: : Yeah I am with a team so totally get it. Have my own room but no stress big rig.

7:48:44 pm [Name withheld] : :((

7:48:55 pm [Name withheld] : Where you staying?

7:50:44 pm [Name withheld] :Why you with team? I thought season finished?

7:50:44 pm Sam Burgess: At the intercontinental

7:51:17 pm Sam Burgess: With the UK team. We play straya this Friday. Opener of the World Cup then races Saturday

7:51:46 pm [Name withheld] : Ahhh I see… UK team, well I’ll fit in just fine ha

7:51:54 pm [Name withheld] : Might even go watch that

7:52:20 pm [Name withheld] : Yeah ok, want me to come? Seriously? You better be on your game lol

[Name withheld] : I’ll just drive and park in valet

7:55:14 pm Sam Burgess: Yeah come chill lass…are you English???

Yeah come in, just getting some treatment then FOOD. Be done about 9…so whenever after then. Not sure if I have drinks other than water though you mad dog.

Put on my room for parking

7:56:07 pm [Name withheld] : Yes I’m English. Lol we spoke about that!

7:56:58 pm [Name withheld] : Don’t worry about drinking I’m driving now. Thanks much appreciated.. I’ll just give your name? If anyone asks I’m a physio!

7:57:00 pm [Name withheld] : Lol

7:57:33 pm Sam Burgess:

[7:57:50 pm Sam Burgess: Ok I’m in 803 Physio

7:57:58 pm [Name withheld] : Shoosh you lol just go with it I’ll be shitting myself ha

7:58:03 pm Sam Burgess: If they ask.

7:58:06 pm [Name withheld] : How do I get up to your room?

7:58:13 pm [Name withheld] : 😂

7:58:23 pm [Name withheld] You need to think about these things

8:00:02 pm Sam Burgess: See….in recent years humans have evolved a lot these days. We have invented many things. One of those things is a lift. You push the button on the lift in accordance to the level you wish to go and then find your way from there. Ha.

8:00:17 pm Sam Burgess: Will call in 10

8:02:15 pm [Name withheld] : Ok smarty pants. Yes humans have evolved and also turned in to psychopaths and terrosists so hotels implemented security plans which stops crazies getting to you i.e. A swipe to use the lift! Leave a card at reception under [Name witheld] physio

8:04:21 pm Sam Burgess: Deal. Will do that, the lifts here are accomodating for terrorists so won’t be a problem but will leave a card anyhow in case anything happens.

8:05:12 pm [Name withheld] : You make me laugh. You would want to hope I’m not a crazy bitch hey! Ha. Ok see you just after 9

8:05:50 pm Sam Burgess: Yeah that would be good. I’m hopeful.

8:06:00 pm [Name withheld] : Lol

8:52:04 pm [Name withheld] : It’s on Collins st yeah?

8:57:01 pm Sam Burgess: Yeah

9:25:01 pm [Name withheld] Just got card coming up in lift now



9:45:59 am [Name withheld] : I woke up thinking about your fatty back b*lls

11:46:18 am Sam Burgess: Hahah yup they’re still there. Big sesh this morn…. Legs are goooone

11:46:48 am [Name withheld] : Is that your excuse for me when I kick your butt in footy?

11:47:30 am Sam Burgess: I was striking the ball that good this morning. My tekkers was through the roof

11:47:32 am [Name withheld] : Sorry I should proof read before texting

11:48:00 am [Name withheld] : What’s a tekker?

11:51:50 am [Name withheld] : Ps got all you boys sorted for sat at [Name withheld] after races- Guest list, free entry, free booth upstairs on terrace till midnight then whoever is left standing can either go to club downstairs otherwise I have organised you entry and booth at bond bar. No pressure either way. I’ll be at [Name withheld] after races and would be nice to make faces across the bar

12:31:17 pm Sam Burgess: Tekkers-technique.

12:31:46 pm Sam Burgess: You bloody legend. Saturday could be a good day I reckon. What are you doing this afternoon, anything exciting?

12:35:05 pm [Name withheld] :

12:35:13 pm [Name withheld] : Current situation

12:35:24 pm [Name withheld] : AKA get blacker than Sammy

12:36:38 pm [Name withheld] : I wish you didn’t have this conference tonight 🙁

12:51:25 pm [Name withheld] : Ps have you been to bond before? It’s a premier club and organised you a booth. I’ll have to come though and get you in and once settled in I’ll leave and let you boys run a muck

1:22:51 pm [Name withheld] : Was there a reason for your call? Lol #awks

1:23:24 pm [Name withheld] : I want to see your big head! And my new found fatty deposits balls

1:26:24 pm Sam Burgess: I wanted to face time.

1:26:42 pmSam Burgess: Come hang later then if you’re up for it lass

1:27:14 pm Sam Burgess: Sorry short txts bloody getting pulled left right and centre X

1:28:26 pm [Name withheld] Is there much time between you finishing up and then getting ready for conference?

1:29:10 pm [Name withheld] : What time does conference finish?

1:29:22 pm [Name withheld] : Yeah sucks to be popular x

1:45:06 pm Sam Burgess: Conference finishes tonight at 9pm. I have media this afternoon after weights for an hour. How’s The Sun

1:48:06 pm [Name withheld] : It’s hiding at the moment

It’s up to you babe, would love to just hang out and laugh but don’t ever want to be annoying. Sounds like there won’t be much time after media and before having to get ready for conference and you will be wrecked x

2:20:06 pm Sam Burgess: Oh yeah I won’t have any time before the conference thing tonight but will be chilling later. Could hang out then if you want? Won’t be until after 9 though and I’ll be pretty knackered but always up for chill out. Xx

2:28:58 pm [Name withheld] : Will see, long drive in and out being you’re right in heart of city and you need your rest

2:32:31 pm Sam Burgess: Haha ok lass. Chat later Xx

2:37:29 pm Sam Burgess: My ears are cold

3:04:37 pm [Name withheld] : Hahahahaha if you are trying to lure me in it’s working‚

3:05:18 pm [Name withheld] : Chat later when you stop being famous and cool and you are in ze bat cave x

3:14:06 pm [Name withheld] : Ps if you have any left over tickets to the game Friday ½ please xxxxx

3:27:33 pm Sam Burgess:

5:33:41 pm [Name withheld] : Hahahaha

5:33:53 pm [Name withheld] : You so meant to send that

5:34:34 pm Sam Burgess: Yes I did

5:34:39 pm Sam Burgess: : That’s the joke

5:34:44 pm [Name withheld] : Wish I could just steal you out the back door and hide out at mine

5:35:07 pm [Name withheld] : Haha I know… good pic your arms

5:35:19 pm Sam Burgess: Would be good

5:35:44 pm Sam Burgess: Missed Video Call

5:35:53 pm [Name withheld] : My phone just froze

5:35:59 pm Sam Burgess: Scared of the camera

5:36:10 pm Sam Burgess: Missed Video Call

5:36:13 pm [Name withheld] : Sorry didn’t mean that. I’m driving lol

5:36:20 pm [Name withheld] I’m driving give me 5

5:36:23 pm [Name withheld] : Nearly home

5:36:23 pmSam Burgess: Such a p***y.

5:36:31 pm +Sam Burgess: Haha ok I’m getting ready

5:36:43 pm [Name withheld] : Photo now

5:36:47 pm [Name withheld] : Pleaaassseeee

5:36:49 pm [Name withheld] : Lol

5:37:11 pm Sam Burgess: : I’m half naked

5:47:13 pm [Name withheld] : Even better

5:47:17 pm [Name withheld] : Calling now

5:58:13 pm [Name withheld] : I’m going to buy Jaffa cakes

6:00:06 pm [Name withheld] :You make me in to a giggling teenager

7:47:15 pm [Name withheld] : Are you serious about coming to mine after conference?

8:26:22 pm Sam Burgess: Address

8:26:58 pm [Name withheld] : Guess that’s a yes, been waiting so I can go and get some food and drinks for you!

8:27:08 pm [Name withheld] [Address withheld]

8:28:35 pm [Name withheld] : No one has this address, I’m not even registered here so please no matter what happens delete from everywhere.

8:30:41 pm Sam Burgess: :

8:31:13 pm Sam Burgess: : Missed Video Call

8:31:35 pm [Name withheld] : Don’t laugh! I’ll explain when I see you.

8:31:57 pm [Name withheld] : I’m rushing to shops so can’t talk! What time roughly you leaving conf?

8:33:48 pm Sam Burgess: Yeah be about 9.15

8:33:54 pm] Sam Burgess: Wearing scruffs

8:34:04 pm Sam Burgess: : Don’t buy loads of shit though you sausage

8:45:32 pm [Name withheld] : Not sure I’ll even get out, drive slow ha

8:46:16 pm Sam Burgess: : Don’t go. Want me to stop? Leaving hotel now

8:47:18 pm [Name withheld] : I was just doing to get wine and water and Jaffas ha I should make it x

8:47:33 pm Sam Burgess: : Haha sweet.

8:51:36 pm Sam Burgess: : Missed Voice Call

9:14:09 pm [Name withheld] : I’m in ugg boots so I’m sure you won’t be scruffier than me!

9:14:40 pm [Name withheld] Ask the taxi driver how long.. probably won’t get a chance to get to shops plus didn’t realise time :((

9:16:16 pm [Name withheld] : Really wanted to eat a Jaffa with you but somebody doesn’t reply to texts ha didn’t think you would come!

9:19:46 pm Sam Burgess: : Ha sorry I was navigating through the jungle

9:20:39 pm [Name withheld] : Lol

9:21:02 pm [Name withheld] : I like to be just out of the craziness that is melbourne

9:22:25 pm Sam Burgess: : I’m here



12:38:12 am [Name withheld] : Sneaky little worm leaving money!

1:01:44 am Sam Burgess: : I’m back

1:01:46 am Sam Burgess: : Boom

1:01:52 am [Name withheld] : Ok you have obviously been chopped up by the psycho Uber driver

1:02:25 am Sam Burgess: : He ran a red light camera and it got him. Poor lad was gutted, kept yelling out ‘300 dollar’

1:04:28 am [Name withheld] : Hahahah trust you to get the crazy one. Well I’m glad your home safe.. thanks again for making the effort to come out my way, really sweet of you. Wish you were still here beside me for neck nestles x

1:06:39 am Sam Burgess: : Haha that would be nice. Although I’m a restless sleeper and you’d be over it in a second 😜. Sleep tight – was fun again X

1:08:19 am [Name withheld] Sweet dreams, thanks for the chats, always here x

9:33:11 am [Name withheld]

11:22:22 am Sam Burgess: : Yup the weather stinks

11:22:32 am Sam Burgess: :

11:22:43 am Sam Burgess: : Current sitch

11:32:24 am [Name withheld] : #superstar miss your big head x

12:38:00 pm [Name withheld]

12:44:14 pm Sam Burgess: : Shit the bed

12:44:55 pm Sam Burgess: :

12:55:36 pm Sam Burgess: ] : Shit the bed? Say what?

1:05:22 pm Sam Burgess: : An English saying. Means like ˜holy f**k’ or ˜no way’˜shit the be catch the drift?

1:05:28 pm Sam Burgess: : What’s happening

1:06:21 pm [Name withheld] : Rightio. I see…. clearly not up to date with my English

1:08:38 pm [Name withheld] : Nothing. Did a shop and now getting nails done as they were horrid as you pointed out‚

1:08:47 pm [Name withheld] : You?

1:50:31 pm [Name withheld] : Have you got plans tonight? Feel free to come to mine if you like.. I can cook you a really good healthy dinner

1:58:39 pm Sam Burgess: : We have a team feed on tonight somewhere lass. What’re you doing? Will be free later though. You been doing anything exciting

2:01:12 pm [Name withheld] : No stress i gathered it was a long shot . I won’t be doing anything, I have to head in to town for a 5pm meeting in south bank and then will be heading straight home and will most likely hit the gym after that I’ll be sitting at home be awesome

2:51:14 pm [Name withheld]: *being

3:29:37 pm [Name withheld]: Meeting cancelled so just having a nana nap and hanging out here. What you been up to?

4:50:07 pm Sam Burgess: : That’s no good. I’ve been doing a few jobs- got my suit tidied up and then went for a coffee with a few of the guys. Have a few meetings before din dins tonight. What’s on the menu a la [Name withheld] this eve?

4:52:23 pm [Name withheld] : It was eye fillet and greens if you were joining me but decided on salmon fillet , black rice and broccoli. Rather boring.

4:58:15 pm Sam Burgess: : Black rice-so racist. I’m not sure what the restraunt is tonight. Keen for a feed though. Did you get a sesh done today ?? X

5:01:39 pm [Name withheld] : Haha not as racist as you! Yeah, had Osteo this morning and she gave me the go ahead to get back on the leg weights so did a killer sesh. Enjoy your dinner x

8:35:22 pm [Name withheld]:

8:46:15 pm Sam Burgess: : F**ken YUMMO, that looks outstanding. I had spanner crab risotto. Was Delish. Now chilling in my room pretty shattered hey. Could be shower and bed for me although I have sweet craving

8:48:02 pm [Name withheld] :

8:49:01 pm Sam Burgess: : Omg smash them

8:49:05 pm [Name withheld] : Ps Spanish crab risotto 👌🠿👌🠿

8:49:18 pm [Name withheld] : Am I going to see you before the game to wish you?

8:54:17 pm Sam Burgess: I’m not sure now as I get full commando mode from here on in. . What’s your plans for the week? You’rere bloody cruisy X

8:56:28 pm [Name withheld] : 😥

8:57:38 pm [Name withheld] : I got a few things to do during the day tomorrow then was going to be around prahran (near city) around 7 so could come to you..

8:58:07 pm [Name withheld] : But won’t push it. I understand just would have been nice to see your goofy head x

9:02:10 pm Sam Burgess: : Let’s see how we’re travelling tomorrow. If anyone saw you though wouldn’t be great as everyone getting ready for the game and it’s a big one

9:02:42 pm [Name withheld] : Ok

9:03:10 pm [Name withheld] : Let’s leave it xx

9:16:28 pm [Name withheld] : Details for sat.

[Name withheld] Door entry code is “*** lower deck” please try and have all the boys together. Walk straight to front.

Bond entrance- aim to get there no later than 11 and once I confirm how many boys are still standing I’ll confirm with them and get you in and sorted and leave.

9:18:55 pm Sam Burgess: : Missed Video Call



4:34:03 pm [Name withheld] : How’s your day chunky butt?

6:53:51 pm Sam Burgess: : Hey Monkey. Day has been v good thanks. Great sesh this morning and then caught up on some rest and been trying to stretch my hammies out.

What have you been up to?

6:59:44 pm [Name withheld] : Just driving in to [Name withheld] to mingle and blow wind up ppls bums… had 2 last minute interviews and still managed to get the toots painted for sat AND a 5km run….. Win. Haven’t eaten all day though

7:03:06 pm Sam Burgess: : Wtf how do you actually function with no food. That shit just doesn’t work for me-I lose my mind and HAVE to stop for food. My hunger doesn’t wait for many things.

Wanna blow wind on me?

7:08:34 pm [Name withheld]:

7:09:17 pm [Name withheld]: Surely that’s worth at least 5 extra smooches

7:10:05 pm Sam Burgess: : Oh my word you are mentally stronger than me

7:11:27 pm [Name withheld] : I’m dying on the inside.. just thinking about that summer six pack

7:21:18 pm [Name withheld] :

7:50:59 pm Sam Burgess: : The rig is looking S E X Y

7:51:05 pm Sam Burgess: : How’s the night going?

7:52:30 pm [Name withheld] :

7:52:30 pm [Name withheld] :

7:52:44 pm [Name withheld] : Good, drinking on no food is dangerous

7:53:27 pm [Name withheld] : I could jump you so baaaad

7:54:54 pm [Name withheld] :

7:57:03 pm Sam Burgess: :

7:57:25 pm [Name withheld] : Your laughing now

7:57:44 pm [Name withheld] : I’ll pin you down

8:59:58 pm [Name withheld] :

9:04:13 pm [Name withheld] : How random hahaha

9:04:19 pm [Name withheld] : If only it was you ha

9:10:06 pm Sam Burgess: .. how good. This show is F**ken soppy. I can’t wait to rip Stu for being a wuss

9:12:48 pm [Name withheld] : Shut up he is amazing, girls froth for that shit

9:13:14 pm [Name withheld] : Am I coming to you? Was going to uber.. stay for 5 and go.. just wanted to see you before game but understand

9:24:40 pm Sam Burgess: : Trouble – I can’t tonight. Would just totally get me in shit if you were seen or anyone knew. Biggest game of the year so far tomorrow for me so gotta be a good lad. Sorry Monkey x

9:25:20 pm [Name withheld] : Fair enough x

9:26:02 pm [Name withheld] : You were not this paranoid inviting me there Monday and I could be staying at hotel but your wish. Best of luck for game x

9:31:49 pm Sam Burgess: : you sausage. Stop being a cranky pants x

9:32:44 pm Sam Burgess: : You’re f**king funny

9:32:48 pm [Name withheld] : I’m not just want to see see

9:32:50 pm [Name withheld] : See you

9:32:52 pm [Name withheld] : Come on

9:32:55 pm [Name withheld] : 5 mins

9:33:09 pm [Name withheld] : I know where you at now so can run straight in

9:33:15 pm [Name withheld] : It will be funny

9:33:21 pm [Name withheld] : I got jafffffffffas

9:33:38 pm [Name withheld] : I want to give you a good luck kiss

9:33:47 pm [Name withheld] : If you don’t get one then you will lose

9:33:53 pm [Name withheld] : How will you feel then?

9:34:03 pm Sam Burgess: : Sorry darling , honestly can’t do it tonight. Totally against everything I do, I set all the standards and shit and if anyone knows or sees you coming into my room day before the biggest test match of the season I will get smashed

9:34:19 pm [Name withheld] : I understand

9:34:18 pm Sam Burgess: : 😂😂😂😂

9:34:31 pm [Name withheld] : We will see tomorrow

9:34:41 pm [Name withheld] : I’m going to watch you from the couch

9:34:51 pm Sam Burgess: : I wish I could or if I wasn’t a senior player would be easier to do but I can’t

9:35:04 pm Sam Burgess: : Your funny af though

9:35:30 pm Sam Burgess: : Have a good night Monkey 9:36:18 pm

[Name withheld] : Sweet dreams monkey, sending you big kisses for your fat deposits and will be cheering you on. Very proud. Come find me saturday xxxx

9:37:31 pm Sam Burgess: Sure will do. Xx



8:58:24 am [Name withheld] : Omg my texts last night¸ looosssseerrr. So sorry.

Thinking of you today! Destroy it you mad dog. no cuts to that face please. GO ENGLAND

9:39:17 am Sam Burgess: : Haha they were funny. Was funnier on FaceTime – thanks trouble.

Chat later Xx

9:35:53 pm [Name withheld] : Chunky monkey

No words are ever going to do justice. I really hope it’s just a niggle. I was so proud of you tonight, you killed it. Your hot on Cronk was epic. I know you have a lot on your mind but at some stage call me and talk to me. Wish i could squish you and give you neck nestles right now x

11:11:26 pm [Name withheld] : Just a text even saying you are ok.. x

11:13:06 pm Sam Burgess: : Hey lass. All good-had an MRI. Have done medial ligament so maybe 4 week injury. Torture. Thanks for the message

11:13:22 pm [Name withheld] : Babe!

11:13:27 pm [Name withheld] : Are YOU ok?

11:13:43 pm [Name withheld] : Please don’t call me lass I hate it

11:14:02 pm Sam Burgess: : Yeah I’m ok, just focused on my rehab now. I heal quick so need to get cracking tomorrow. Ok understood

11:17:38 pm [Name withheld] : Can I do anything? As of tomorrow I won’t contact you anymore. Just shattered for you tonight. You have some sort of curse on me. Want to give you a big hug. You got this, listen to the doc’s, follow your rehab to a T and you will be training in a few weeks. I’m going to stop texting you now for a few weeks as word has got out your wife is in town. Bit confused with everything we spoke about but least of your worries. Just know I’m here and thinking of you always… thank you for the most amazing week x

11:27:30 pm Sam Burgess: : Hey- yeah my wife made the trip down today with my daughter. I feel like an arse after we spoke. I’m so sorry for bringing you into all my shit I should never have opened my mouth.

I have got a lot of shit to sort now with my knee tomorrow too.

Thanks for being so caring and listening.

Have a great weekend Xx

11:34:06 am

Name withheld] : Can I release the booth at [Name withheld] tonight?

11:34:36 am [Name withheld] : Assuming you and the boys won’t be coming… need to know as it’s a full house.

12:10:55 pm Sam Burgess: : No the boys will still be coming – I am coming to the races now too but will be a bit later.

Maybe not [Name withheld] though for me

1:04:38 pm [Name withheld] : Cool thanks for letting me know

1:05:02 pm Sam Burgess: : You at MV?

1:06:11 pm [Name withheld] : Leaving to go now

1:06:16 pm [Name withheld] : Be there in 30

1:06:43 pm Sam Burgess: Sweet I’m en route too. Will see you out there

, 1:07:00 pm [Name withheld] : Maybe maybe.

, 2:24:29 pm [Name withheld] : You in the the lad brokes?

2:48:10 pm Sam Burgess: : Yeah

, 2:48:43 pm [Name withheld] : Any chance you can get me and a gf in?

, 2:53:06 pm Sam Burgess: : It’s torture. It was hard enough getting in myself

2:53:11 pm Sam Burgess: : Will try

2:53:50 pm [Name withheld] : Ok thanks walking there now

2:58:32 pm [Name withheld] : Ok at entrance lady looks like a meany.

3:23:15 pm [Name withheld] : Don’t have a members pass. If you get your hands on a spare visitors one yell out. I’m over it already h

3:29:08 pm Sam Burgess: : This is torture

3:35:09 pm [Name withheld] : Yeah I’m leaving at 4

3:37:20 pm [Name withheld] : Phantoming alone in a taxi and will go back to [Name withheld] later

3:56:25 pm [Name withheld] :

5:25:35 pm Sam Burgess: : Hey hey so the boys will be at he [Name withheld] around 6.30/7. Is that cool. I won’t be coming so who should I pass on details to and what should I pass on? The bus is dropping them off x

5:30:04 pm [Name withheld] : Pass my number on to someone reliable

5:31:44 pm [Name withheld] : What about bond?

5:32:05 pm Sam Burgess: : Yeah they will be going to bond. They’re charged up

5:32:52 pm [Name withheld] : Ok well let the manager know I need them there for 10:30pm and I have to get them in so will leave just before them

5:40:36 pm Sam Burgess: : They have to get to bond before 10.30??

5:40:51 pm Sam Burgess: : They’re heading to [Name withheld] first

5:52:14 pm [Name withheld] : No [Name withheld] first and I need them to be at bond before 11pm 5:52:17 pm [Name withheld] : If possible

5:53:53 pm Sam Burgess: : Ok hun x

5:54:08 pm [Name withheld] : X

6:56:00 pm [Name withheld] : Your brother is funny as

6:56:15 pm [Name withheld] : Just introduced myself. Said hi I’m the physio lol jokes

6:56:30 pm Sam Burgess: : Haha he’s a legend

6:56:36 pm [Name withheld] : Wish you were here

6:56:39 pm Sam Burgess: : Give him a cuddle from me

6:56:55 pm [Name withheld] : They seem happy with the booth and service

6:57:22 pm [Name withheld] : They are loose

6:57:33 pm Sam Burgess: : Yeah you’re a legend. Thomas will take over the organising from now on in. Or Jamie the bloke you met. Yeah they’re awesome fun though. Too lads

6:57:36 pm Sam Burgess: : Top*

6:58:03 pm Sam Burgess: : Wish I was out too

7:14:20 pm [Name withheld] : Ok sweet. We have cancelled bond

7:14:43 pm [Name withheld] : Club 23 it is. Enjoy your night

7:18:57 pm Sam Burgess: : Ok sounds good. Heading to see the fam.

Have a good night and thanks for sorting everyone out. You truely are a class act.

Been awesome hanging with you this week.

7:19:00 pm Sam Burgess: : Xx

7:23:46 pm [Name withheld] : Enjoy babe. No dramas, if you ever need me you know where to find me

Had a good laugh with you xx

7:26:26 pm Sam Burgess: : You too. Ok I’ll get in touch with you from here on in X

7:26:51 pm [Name withheld] : Haha don’t stress babe

7:26:57 pm Sam Burgess: : Xx

5:54:18 pm [Name withheld]: Here for the week, let me know early if you boys want stuff sorted after the game Sunday and I’ll get on to it now so you have better tables etc. Fly out Monday to bali so not complaining. You want to catch up?

5:58:40 pm Sam Burgess: : Haha I think I would still have you covered in tan. The boys will be taking it easy after the game now we’re in the business end.

Catch up would be cool – what’re you thinking?

The English champions Leeds are out in February to play for the world champs and wanted to party at [Name withheld] after the game too.

Do you think that could be sorted nearer the time too

6:02:44 pm [Name withheld] : Would be good to see your ugly head, you around tonight? Or you let me know

6:06:47 pm Sam Burgess: : Yeah sounds good then. Shall pass on your number to the most responsible. His name is [name deleted], great bloke.

I will struggle tonight but around tomoz if that’s any good?

6:14:10 pm [Name withheld] : Football or rugby?

6:14:41 pm [Name withheld] : Yeah no stress lets chat tomorrow.

6:16:10 pm [Name withheld] : Thanks for the hook up I’ll be sure to look after them as it’s for you and in return you keep giving [Name withheld] a good wrap and my number 🙂 if things change and you boys want to come in if only for some food and a few quiet ones Sunday just let me know asap and I’ll put a little area together for you

6:20:30 pm] Sam Burgess: Ok awesome. We are looking somewhere for food after the game but think somewhere quiet as all families are in town.

It’s the rugby team, they’re playing Melbourne to be crowned world champs. Should be an epic match.

6:58:02 pm [Name withheld]: Ok awesome



2:14:49 pm Sam Burgess: : Hey you, how’s your week been? You been smashing much training still or just the tan

Have a few of the owners of footy clubs in England looking for a night out tonight. I mentioned [Name withheld]. Is much happening tonight?

4:29:34 pm [Name withheld] : Owners?

4:30:03 pm [Name withheld] : Yeah Fridays are pretty good? How many? Are the good guys?

4:30:55 pm [Name withheld] : Need something to work with, what do you mean owners? Of rugby teams?

4:58:46 pm [Name withheld] : I need to know how many?

4:59:39 pm [Name withheld] : Have sorted them a free entry guest list under

[Name withheld] but I need numbers cannot keep it open ended. Tell them to walk straight up x

5:07:58 pm [Name withheld] : Text me

5:08:07 pm [Name withheld] : Got my son in the car

5:08:50 pm Sam Burgess: : Yeah they are the owners of two clubs in the uk. Like franchise owners. Big dogs

5:09:05 pm Sam Burgess: : Neil Hudgell

Adam Pearson

Karl L’Anson.

5:09:53 pm [Name withheld] : Ok sweet thanks for clarifying. Ok they are under my name [Name withheld] + 6 just in case they bring mates. You will have to intro me to them sometime x

5:10:25 pm Sam Burgess: : Only three but that’s their names if it is best that way. They would take a table if that can be organised.

5:10:57 pm Sam Burgess: : Whatt’s the deal though just let me know how it works and I can go back to them.

Ps stop driving and texting

5:11:37 pm [Name withheld] : I can get them a table upstairs but downstairs for only 3 is hard as booths hold up to 20 and cost around 1.5k sorry 🙁

5:11:51 pm [Name withheld] : We are parked.. waiting for basketball game to start

5:12:30 pm [Name withheld] : You hoosh your gums. Where have you been anyway? You promised me a coffee. Wanted to see you fat head!

5:15:28 pm [Name withheld] : FYI because it’s weekend after spring racing carnival it could be a bit quiet..

5:19:42 pm Sam Burgess: : Yeah well just names on list would be awesome. I’ve been flat out to be honest but also wasn’t sure he score so stayed quiet.

5:20:53 pm [Name withheld] : I told you we are ok so hoosh. I wanted a big cuddle I missed you 🙁

Yeah I have sorted them out for free entry and will let you know asap if I got them a reserved table upstairs on rooftop. Under my name

5:32:07 pm Sam Burgess: : All under your name?? So I’ll tell them to drop you when they get there?

5:34:13 pm Sam Burgess: : Yes I know – kind of did too but I nearly had a nervous breakdown a few weeks ago and if I’m honest pretty rattled from it so wasn’t sure what to do

5:35:02 pm Sam Burgess: : Anyway call me if you want when you’re free

5:44:06 pm [Name withheld] : Babe what!?! Are you ok???? What the hell why didn’t you tell me?? What happened? Are you ok? I feel horrible now about adding to that.. I just felt like I had been lied to and thought I was one of many hence why I got an infection 🙁

So what are you saying you don’t want to keep in touch? I’ll respect your decision although I would be gutted as I felt so at home in your company. I loved how easy it was to talk with you and want you to know I’m always here”

Yes they have entry just get them to drop [Name witheld] at door. Don’t line up. And I’m still organizing table upstairs should be ok though xx

5:44:13 pm [Name withheld] : I’m always too scared to call you babe

5:44:23 pm [Name withheld] : I never want to be that girl that annoys you

5:48:58 pm Sam Burgess: : No not saying I don’t want to keep in touch, I’m not meaning that. I just freaked out and a heap of stuff went through my head. Anyway can you chat way easier

5:50:11 pm [Name withheld] : Ok.. yeah I’ll call you at 7?

5:52:20 pm Sam Burgess: : I’m out for dinner toneet I’ll call you later

,5:59:26 pm [Name withheld] : Ok all sorted with reserved table upstairs also

6:51:27 pm [Name withheld] : What time are they hoping to come in? Sorry for all questions we are just reshuffling people

6:53:12 pm Sam Burgess: : Hey hey, I’m not too sure exactly. Will see if can find out. Thanks



12:52:21 pm [Name witheld]: Morning chunky butt. Any news on how the guys went? What a day!

2:50:03 pm Sam Burgess: : Hey you, not heard from the men just yet so must have been a good night

The players not selected this week are keen for a big one tonight. Should be 6 players. They want the [Name withheld] and Bond‚. They love it. Let me know if they can just get entry don‘t worry about a table they will just mingle around.

The weather this morning was unbelievable, I got proper bronzed at training ha.

What’re you up to

3:06:36 pm [Name withheld] : I’m tearing my hair out trying to find my aus passport. Have you ever left aus on your British passport? Do you know if you can?

[Name withheld] plus 6 on door for the boys. You and last minute! I won’t have time to organise bond sorry xxx

3:15:01 pm Sam Burgess: : Yeah I leave always on my British passport. You’re an Australian resident and passport holder so should be sweet I reckon.

Ahh sheeet, Whats it like for Bond if he boys tried to get in do they say no to groups of lads?

3:18:12 pm [Name withheld] : Ok they are sorted for [Name withheld]. Yes pretty strict so try and get them to break up or meet some girls or go early. Sorry I can’t help more but at short notice and not the whole team it’s hard to organise them.

3:19:02 pm [Name withheld] : When you boys come down I would hope you come to [Name withheld] and give me a good wrap.

3:22:03 pm Sam Burgess: : Yeah I understand – no worries thanks heaps for looking after us whilst down. Always give you a good wrap.

Still not found the passport

3:22:50 pm [Name withheld] : Nope :(( I just hope I can get out on my British. So stressed 😬 farrrrk just my luck.

3:23:10 pm [Name withheld] : Ps no chance your blacker than me

3:23:26 pm [Name withheld] :

3:23:53 pm Sam Burgess: : Swear to god I am actually darker than you.

3:32:02 pm [Name withheld] : Photo please

3:43:33 pm Sam Burgess: : Haha doesn’t do my tan justice

3:44:11 pm [Name withheld] : No proof means your not! I win.

3:44:22 pm [Name withheld] : Sorry white boy next time

3:44:46 pm Sam Burgess: :

3:44:55 pm [Name withheld] :

3:48:12 pm [Name withheld] :

3:48:16 pm [Name withheld] : No filter

3:48:27 pm [Name withheld] : Winner winner

3:54:09 pm Sam Burgess: : Lighting etc

:54:50 pm [Name withheld] : Owners want to know how your guys last night went.. let me know won’t you.

3:54:58 pm [Name withheld] : Whatever white boy

4:31:11 pm [Name withheld] : I’m now going in to club for a few hours so get the boys to come find me and say g’day x

5:08:09 pm Sam Burgess: : Will do

6:34:03 pm [Name withheld] : Which ones are coming

7:28:08 pm Sam Burgess: : [names withheld]

7:28:19 pm Sam Burgess: : Will pass your number on lass 💪🠼💪🠼 x

7:34:36 pm [Name withheld] : Thank you x



9:12:04 pm [Name withheld] : How did you go?

10:09:26 pm Sam Burgess: : Yeah we won comfortable but played scrappy. How was the game you went to

10:56:46 pm [Name withheld] : Amazing! You should come to one you would love it.. check out my Instagram story…

10:57:03 pm [Name withheld] : Ps how the knee hold up?

11:19:01 pm Sam Burgess: : Knee was fine, got a few other bumps but happy days. Was I Bball?



5:28:20 am [Name withheld] : Speak English please˜ what re basketball?

7:36:13 am Sam Burgess: : Were you watching basketball ??

7:45:36 am [Name withheld] : Yeah, did you see the pics was sick

7:45:56 am [Name withheld] : I’m at the airport so drained

7:46:45 am Sam Burgess: : Nah I haven’t been on. Enjoy your hols

7:47:36 am [Name withheld] : Sorry that wasn’t meant for you ha



9:57:38 pm [Name withheld] : Sorry about the loss, you guys played your heart out and unlucky to come away without the win. Seeing you angry was a bit hot ha… what a journey… glad to have met you and looking forward to hosting you and any off your contacts at [Name withheld] in 2018. Keep in touch you big boof head, hope that finger is ok x



12:52:52 am] Sam Burgess: Cheers [Name withheld]. Great to meet you too and sure will be in touch. Hand is f**ked-broke it in the first 20 mins. Will be reet now though with some time off X




3:15:16 pm [Name withheld] :

3:18:33 pm Sam Burgess: : Oiiii

3:18:48 pmSam Burgess: : Would love to make it but I have a bloody job

3:19:14 pm [Name withheld] : Thought it was a long shot but thought I’ll extend the invite anyway. Hope your well matey

3:19:42 pm Sam Burgess: : Yeah all good lass-in the middle of pre season. Fatiguedddd

3:19:47 pmSam Burgess: : Hope you’rre well

3:20:44 pm [Name withheld] : Ouch! Yeah I’m good. Let’s do coffee when your next in town, you owe me ha

3:21:57 pm Sam Burgess: : Haha yeah deal lass. You still kicking ass at training?

3:22:41 pm [Name withheld] : Sure am. Don’t know any other way really. Got to keep the mind clear

3:23:01 pm Sam Burgess: : attached: 00000406-VIDEO-2018-01-22-15-23-01.mp4>

3:27:21 pm [Name withheld] : Wow how’s the greys

3:27:41 pm [Name withheld] : Haha

3:28:00 pm [Name withheld] : Miss your annoying head

5:16:50 pm Sam Burgess: : Get fecked

5:16:58 pm [Name withheld] : Hahahahaha snap

5:17:19 pm [Name withheld] : Gramps is your new name in my phone




2:40:47 [Name withheld] : I see stuff appear on my insta feed and I have to say it really does make me question all the crap you fed me to clearly get me in to bed. To come in to my home and all the hours we spent talking about how unhappy you were and living seperate lives… why would you do this to not only your wife but me? I just can’t work out why and put me at such risk having me come to your hotel room etc I feel like the biggest fool. How dare you.