Five Common Flu Shot Misconceptions, Debunked

Time to roll up your sleeves: fall has arrived, bringing with it the formal onset of the 2020-2021 flu period. What were being earlier deemed traditional indications of the typical cold or flu—a sore throat, fever, sniffles—can now be signs or symptoms of COVID-19. Even though the virus carries on its indiscriminate distribute, it is extra significant than at any time to be wary of the flu. An pro at Hennepin Health care busts the most typical flu shot myths that just won’t die, and points out why having the shot this calendar year is your immune system’s finest first line of defense.

one.   “COVID-19 is a larger deal”

Even though that retains some fact, it does not make the flu any a lot less consequential. According to Hennepin Health care Medical Supervisor Nan Lomen, RN, there have been twelve,000-sixty one,000 fatalities annually given that 2010.

“You could possibly be imagining, ‘The flu is not as deadly as smallpox or our present-day pandemic,’” suggests Lomen. “You would be suitable, but influenza and COVID-19 are diseases that can trigger serious illness and even death.”

As well as, no one particular needs to be among the first to be coinfected with equally viruses. “No one particular actually is aware what it is likely to be like to get COVID-19 and the flu with each other,” Lomen suggests. “The signs or symptoms are actually very similar and we have no information to know if you happen to be likely to get tremendous ill, or a lot less ill.”

“October is possibly the great month to vaccinate. If the flu vaccine is offered to you, it’s not way too early to get it.” Nan Lomen, RN, Hennepin Health care

two.   “But the flu shot can make me sick”

It can take up to two weeks for the flu vaccine to take comprehensive effect. If you get ill after your poke, possibilities are you were being already uncovered to the flu—or ahead of the shot had a opportunity to effectively course through your immune method.

Even though some individuals do report facet consequences from the flu vaccine, like soreness close to the injection web-site and reduced-grade fever, individuals reactions are significantly a lot less serious than signs or symptoms from the genuine flu.

three.   “It’s way too early in the period to get one”

If you’re examining this, it is the great time to get the flu shot. Lomen suggests it is excellent to get vaccinated as early as September, and hopes to get every person secured versus the flu by the conclusion of October.

“October is possibly the great month to vaccinate,” Lome suggests. “If the flu vaccine is offered to you, it’s not way too early to get it.”

If you get your flu shot now, you are going to be secured through peak period, which generally hits among December and February.

4.   “I’m expecting and fearful about potential facet effects”

There are adequate issues to be concerned about when you’re expecting, but the flu does not will need to be one particular of them. In actuality, it is in fact extra significant for you to get the flu shot in the course of this time.

“When a woman will get expecting, it changes their immune method,” Lomen suggests. “So when you get uncovered to the flu, you’re extra susceptible to difficulties from the flu.”

As well as, it is significantly extra dangerous for toddler if mother will get the flu, she suggests. Right after the little bundle of joy comes, anybody else who needs to see baby—listen up, grandparents!—ought to get their flu shot, way too. It’ll take a couple of months for the little one’s immune method to acquire.

five.   “I’m healthy, I never will need a flu shot”

Currently being healthy now does not suggest you are going to be healthy tomorrow. Lomen suggests that up to twenty percent of older people capture the flu every single calendar year.

And experience “normal” does not automatically suggest you’re flu-free of charge both. “Both influenza (and COVID-19) can be transmitted to others–even from a symptom-free of charge human being,” suggests Lomen.

If not for you, get your flu shot for individuals close to you who could possibly not be in a position to struggle the flu off as easily.

Lomen is anticipating a higher desire of flu shots this calendar year, estimating the distribution of sixty,000 to 70,000 shots through worksites and universities. She suggests there’s no will need to be concerned about availability since producers have produced ten to twelve million extra doses.

“There ought to be no lack for any person,” Lomen suggests. “People are seeking their flu shots and they’re comprehending that it’s a actually excellent detail to do for by themselves, their spouse and children, and their local community to support continue to keep us all healthy.”

This calendar year, the quadrivalent vaccine safeguards versus 4 diverse flu strains: two influenza A strains, and two influenza B strains. For superior defense, older people sixty five+ can now acquire the higher dose vaccine which has 4 situations the antigens versus the flu.