Top Ten Internet Shops For Diamond Earrings and Studs


If you have enough time you can visit hundreds of shops, on and off the Internet, searching for diamond earrings and studs. I didn’t keep count of all the ones I researched for this article but it was certainly in the high dozens. One thing I found as I researched was that the buyer must beware and use due diligence in choosing a merchant. It is up to the buyer to make sure that he is getting a suitable grading and clarity diamond.

Unfortunately, there are some dealers that will sell you an inferior stone and call it whatever you wish. When you think of clarity rating, most will be happy with a rating of 1-3. Remember, not everyone uses these grading terms in the same ways and it is an easy trap to fall into when someone offers you certified goods. For earring stones on a budget, I-1 clarity can do you pretty well and can get your size up quite a bit. H-I is a pretty good color range. With the warning for due diligence sounded, here are the top ten shops arranged in order by price, quality and service.

· Diamonds On Web
This dealer has more than 24 years experience servicing customers on the Internet. They maintain their own inventories since they area true wholesaler and as such Diamond On Web sold exclusively to retailer across North America. However, as the Internet grew in popularity, they saw the great opportunity to reach customers directly thus passing on the savings. They provide free shipping, free gift wrapping, a low price guarantee, a 30 day return guarantee, life time upgrades, and laser inscription.

· Diamond Jewelry Masters
Diamond Jewelry Masters is an affiliate company of Jewelers Alliance, a leading member of the jewelry industry for over 30 years. Their site is super easy to navigate and the different setting and pricing are arranged such that comparisons as to clarity, size, and grade is laid out beautifully. Diamond Jewelry Masters are true wholesalers providing gems that are truly competitive in price. They offer free shipping on all sets, a 30 day risk free return policy, extended warranty plans, and they throw in a free tutorial on how to buy a beautiful diamond at the lowest price.

· Diamond Studs Only
If you’re looking for studs only, this merchant majors in them and gets high marks for longevity since they’ve been in the diamond stud business for 30 years. Their offices are located in Tulsa, Ok, and anyone passing through is welcome to stop by. Their Chief Operating Officer is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s leading authority on gemstones and diamonds and is always available to answer your questions regarding gemstones and jewelry. They also feature live chat, direct telephone serve, a 30-day money back guarantee and free shipping on all purchases.

· Smart Bargains
If you are mainly interested in bargain basement priced gems then Smart Bargains is your “huckleberry.” They boast of more than 10,000 products and up to 70% savings and have a complete section of nothing but stud earrings. They claim more than 3 million satisfied customers in their 10 years of servicing on line shoppers, a 30-day return policy and free shipping with no minimum purchase.

· Anjolee
Anjolee is another merchant that gets very high marks for longevity having been established in 1977, and have been one of the leaders in jewelry manufacturing since their inception. Their position is simple — cut out the middleman and save on your purchase. It’s certainly hard to argue with their logic and the quality and price of their product ranks right there with the other leaders. They also offer custom fitting, 30-day return policy, and according to their testimonials, excellent customer service.

· Primestyle
Primestyle is another dealer that offers high quality gems at very reasonable prices. They have a large selection of diamond studs to choose from and their affiliate network with the big diamond manufacturers seems to give them a competitive edge. They have been around now for more that five years and are in the process of expanding which is usually a good sign in these difficult economic times. They offer a 15-day return policy, a free jewelry box with each purchase and include on line chatting during business hours.

· Abazias Diamonds
Abazias has two major claims over its competition. One, since they are a publicly traded company (ABZA) it makes them more accountable and thus more trustworthy according to Abazias. Second, they have an inventory of more than 150,000 diamonds and have the “more is better philosophy” — claiming to keep less profit on each item which enables them to undercut their competitors. Their service includes custom setting, information videos, free shipping, and guarantees on all their gems.

· Day’s Jewelers
Day’s Jewelers are certainly one of the oldest diamond retailers in the country. Based in New England, they have been in the diamond business for almost 100 years. They have several educational materials on their website to school newbies in the pursuit of the best gem for the buck. Day’s also claims that all their stores are equipped with trained employees and graduate gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America. Also, they have master a goldsmiths and jewelry designer in every single store. Day’s buys diamonds directly from diamond mines and diamond cutters from all over the world for the very best prices and claims to have sold more diamonds than any other shop in northern New England. Services include a lifetime warranty; trade-ins, superb customer service and satisfaction.

· NetCarats
NetCarats has to rank high in the online diamond wholesales on the Internet. The company founder is a member of the prestigious Diamond Dealers Club of New York and the Jewelers Board of Trade. This experience has put him in good stead with producers from around the world enabling NetCarats to be highly competitive with their pricing. The management team boasts of more than 40 years combined experience in the diamond wholesale business, as well as expertise in finance and business development. NetCarats offers free shipping, free appraisals and free gift-wrapping as well as the standard 30-day guarantee.

· Diamonds Cheap
Diamonds Cheap stresses on their home page that it’s not their diamonds that are cheap but their pricing. Diamonds Cheap also emphasize that they donate a portion of every sale to certain charities such as Military Aid and provide a link on their page for those who would care to join them and give. Diamonds Cheap only sells certified diamonds and since they are an online company exclusively they are not encumbered with the expense of retail overhead. This enables them to be extremely competitive with their pricing. They also offer free shipping and a free gift with every purchase as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

That’s my pick for the top ten. There’s not a lot of difference between the top and bottom but at least it will give you a decent comparison among hundreds. I hope you find it helpful.

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