Valentine’s Jewelry: Toi et Moi Rings

I have been obsessed with “toi et moi” rings due to the fact 2013, when the diamond and sapphire engagement ring that Napoleon Bonaparte gave to Josephine de Beauharnais went up for auction.

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But even in advance of then, I liked the double will take that two-stone rings get, no pun supposed. In simple fact, 1 of my earliest styles was my two-stone Clemence ring.

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A several years back, I returned to the toi et moi (“you and me”) design with a literal twist. This award-profitable, tourmaline toi et moi structure for ANZA Gems is also acknowledged as a “bypass ring” for the way it twists all around the finger, leaving the middle open.

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Thank you to JCK for featuring this style in a recent attribute about the celeb-impressed surge in level of popularity of toi et moi engagement rings (and thanks also to Steel & Smith for alerting me to the JCK opportunity).

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The desire in this model has been building for a though, commencing with Emily Ratajkowski’s fantastic double-diamond engagement ring in 2018. That was followed by Ariana Grande’s stunning but impractical-for-non-famous people diamond-and-pearl engagement ring in 2020. But what truly solidified the trend was the emerald-and-diamond ring by Stephen Webster that Equipment Gun Kelly gave to Megan Fox early this yr.


This is yet a further variation on the toi et moi type, because it’s basically two rings that suit together. You can do really a lot of personalization within just the toi et moi style. I believe Megan’s ring seems beautiful, and, in typical, I much like the toi and moi type to the former superstar default of a big diamond looming about a band that was about as slender as a solitary hair. That reported, I cringe to see an emerald in an engagement ring — not due to the fact it is not amazing, but due to the fact I really don’t suggest these types of a fragile gem for engagement rings for non-famous people. Emeralds aren’t as sensitive as pearls, which are an even greater no-no, but looking at how hard most individuals are on their engagement rings, I wouldn’t want to make something like this for my standard shopper.


People today exterior the jewelry industry in some cases scoff at the acceptance of diamond engagement rings as a triumph of marketing on your own. But diamonds are the #1 toughest gem, and the most scratch-resistant materials we know of. For a ring that is worn every single day, there’s practically nothing extra functional than a diamond. Rubies and sapphires are the future best points. Emeralds are not in the working. In an business Fb group, the query was posed: “What will you say if a client arrives in inquiring for a ring like Megan’s?” One particular jeweler cracked me up by replying, “Even if she does use it like a thrice-blessed queen … you can foresee with good assurance what that stone is heading to look like in 10 many years.” One more jeweler responded, “I always say, I would be delighted to set emeralds for you as extensive as you are content to pay back to swap when desired.”

Permit me pressure that this is not a critique of Stephen Webster’s operate on the Megan Fox ring! The ordinary worries about wear and tear presumably don’t apply to the incredibly famed or the quite rich, who can replace broken gems when vital. (Also, it is so clever that the ring is seriously two independent rings — if Megan insists on donning her engagement ring to the seashore, for occasion, she can theoretically leave the emerald at dwelling and use the much-more-strong diamond alone.) But, as I and other jewelers can testify, the typical not-well-known customer gets pretty upset when their engagement ring seems a very little worse for put on. I swear, men and women will have on their ring to the seashore (the sand is heading to scratch the steel), in the pool, in the shower, to the health and fitness center, and fall it down the garbage disposal (significantly!), and then shed genuine tears when the ring is not as pristine as the working day they bought it. Even with diamond rings, I emphasize to consumers that the ring design must accommodate the wearer’s habits and life-style, and I have nevertheless to perform with somebody who has an emerald-engagement-ring way of living.

A different factor about the Megan Fox ring that gave me pause is a thing Equipment Gun Kelly explained to Vogue: “The bands are basically thorns. So if she tries to consider it off, it hurts… Appreciate is pain!” Um …what? Initially of all, Stephen Webster has been accomplishing thorn designs for years, if not a long time. You can try on his do the job — or just research it — and see that the thorns aren’t dangerously pointy. Certainly, I have not managed the Megan Fox ring myself. Maybe when she to start with set it on, or took it off, it did pretty much scratch her. That’s something that could be conveniently preset. (Several years back, I tried on a designer friend’s silver bangles and informed him to soften the sharp edges for the reason that they scratched the hell out of me.) Or maybe this is just a tale encouraged by Webster’s layout thought. Per Webster’s internet site: “The ‘Thorn’ collection celebrates an ancient image greatly utilized to denote the bittersweet mother nature of enjoyment and suffering.” I really do not come across that description alarming. Right after all, one of my specialities is poison rings, and I do not hope my consumers to pretty much poison anybody. Megan and Kelly have been likely for a goth Angelina-Billy Bob vibe with blood-ingesting proposals and whatnot, so I would not be astonished if they have been motivated to invent a personal mythology around the thorn-themed ring shank. But, read the room, Equipment Gun! Unless allegedly blood-drawing rings are worn by equally partners, it arrives off as poisonous and possessive.

I do inspire my customers to appear up with their individual interpretations of items that are emotionally critical to them. My dragon ring could be influenced by an historic Chinese empress, but that doesn’t signify you’re obligated to see any connection to Empress Wu in it. Nonetheless, if you are heading to share your own conception of my operate with the world, I implore you not to make it super-uncomfortable for absolutely everyone! In any case, I’m heading to wrap up this article so I can get to work on a tailor made ring that includes a luscious but still-realistic ruby.

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If you want to explore any variety of custom made design, holla at me at facts at wendybrandes dot com or immediate concept me on social media. I always say that if you can describe it, I can generate it. Who understands? It’s possible you will be the individual who at last convinces me to make an emerald engagement ring.

Updated TO Incorporate: The Zing Report has a piece on toi et moi rings also.