10 Sexy Shades of Brown Hair with Highlights to Spice Up Your Darker Locks

Brown hair seems to always get a bad rap. For years, it has been referred to as “mousy” and boring. But brown is so understated and elegant! Brown hues and shades are making a huge splash this season!

Whether you have dark brown or light brown locks,you can add a ton of life to your tresses. Who says blondes have to have all the fun? Brunette hair can take on a whole new life. Brown hair with highlights is very sexy and sophisticated. Show me who’s boss with a bold blast of color!

Whether you have straight hair or curly tresses, you can add so much personality to your hair with some pretty highlights. Short hair, long hair, thick or thin…brown hair is simply gorgeous. Add some platinum blonde highlights to lighten up your locks. Or add some bold red tones to your darker locks for a warmer look that’s perfect for winter!

Subtle balayage hues will require less maintenance. However, if you are willing to make the commitment, why not opt for bold color combinations to really liven up your look? The secret to making any hair color is to use products that are free from sulfates and are tailor made for color treated hair. As well, washing your hair only a few times a week will help extend the life your color Dry shampoos and leave in conditioner work miracle for color treated tresses! Also avoid excess heat from blow-drying, curling and straightening your hair too often as this will try out your hair and cause the color to fade quickly!

Check out the latest looks for brown hair with highlights and add some spice your life!

10 Beautiful Styles of Brown Hair with Highlights for Gorgeous Brunette

  1. Sun Kissed Highlights


Add some sun kissed tones to your caramel base! These subtle blonde highlights with the creamy caramel base combine perfectly for a stunning brow effect that will look like you have spent hours sunning on the beach!

  1. Honey Blonde and Dark Brown Balayage


Honey blonde hair is everywhere these days. But this deep chestnut brown with golden honey highlights is very charming and chic if you want a look that has a lot of contrast but isn’t too over the top.

  1. Chunky Blonde Ringlets


Not sure if you want to go full on blonde or stick with your gorgeous brown tresses? Why not try these chunky sunny blonde highlights? Chunky highlights add a ton of depth to your curly locks if you want to spice up your waves.

  1. MultiDimensional Colored Hues


Those with shorter hair will love this trifecta of color with its blend of black, blonde and orange hues. This look is a bit bold so you must have enough sass and spunk to pull it off. But we promise you won’t be disappointed by the attention you’ll get with this saucy style!

  1. Spicy Cinnamon Swirls


If you have darker hair but want to warm it up a bit, try these cinnamon and auburn highlights to add some spice to your locks! Sexy ringlets like the ones pictured here are very chic and romantic if you want a look that’s flirty and mysterious.

  1. Chocolatey Caramel Curls


Dark hair is so glamorous and these caramel highlights only enhance that sexiness of this deep chocolate tone. Ask your stylist to add face framing layers of creamy caramel to add texture to this timeless color!

  1. Red and Brown Balayage


Red hair is so much fun and can add life to your brown locks! Opt for a deep ash brown and bright auburn balayage effect to add depth and dimension to your tresses.

  1. Pastel Purple Highlights


This short curly stacked bob is super cute on its own, but if you add some ashy brown and soft purple highlights you can add a bit of tide to this sassy short cut! If you think you can pull off this edgy look, you will be the new queen of sass!

  1. Fiery Sunset


This stunning combination of fiery orange, bright pink, and golden highlights on a dark brown base are reminiscent of a summer sunset on a sandy beach. Ask your stylist to add the vivid hues to the top layers and keep the undertones a dark brown for a deep contrast that is absolutely breathtaking!

  1. Earthy Copper Tones


If you prefer earthier tones, try this ethereal combo of copper and chocolate brown. It adds a shimmery effect to your hair that is subtle, yet still sexy and chic!

We hope you are blown away by these gorgeous looks for brown hair with highlights!