What Will eCommerce Be Like in 2020?

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The ever-ongoing changes in the Ecommerce environment make the market a unique and dynamic platform to sell and buy items. What is common place today may be obsolete tomorrow or get better in ways you never expected before.

In 2019, for instance, we witnessed some major seismic forces like disruptive tech, political factors, and ever-changing shopper expectations— which we believe will continue to influence the global ecommerce market in 2020.

Some of these forces will transform how merchants sell and deliver items to buyers all over the globe in 2020 and beyond.  

For instance, Brexit— UK’s plan to cut ties with the EU— and the ongoing US-China Trade war may change international ecommerce in many ways.

Here are the forces driving ecommerce and what online retail will be like next year and in the future.

  • Automation:  Automation tech is changing online business in many ways;
  1. Robots will keep speeding up
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