China cyber attacks: Beijing’s misinformation war against Australia

Our hearts and minds are less than assault. The battlefields are social media, news solutions and parliaments. Lies are its weapons. Democracy is its target. And we’re getting rid of. Terribly.

It utilised to be referred to as propaganda.

It’s now referred to as diplomacy. Or community relations. Or marketing. The goal is the same: influence political selections and community viewpoints. The strategy is the same: very well-timed, very well-specific deception.

It’s an insidious tactic utilised by companies, activists and political functions alike.

But, at the very least when it will come to global diplomacy, Australia’s International Minister Marise Payne has had sufficient.

“It is troubling that some international locations are working with the pandemic to undermine liberal democracy and advertise their individual a lot more authoritarian products,” she reported in a speech at the Australian Countrywide College this 7 days.

“The disinformation we have viewed contributed to a weather

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