Q&A: Mark Westpfahl on Distance Learning and School Closures

Receiving in contact with a instructor in the course of university hours isn’t effortless. When they’re not teaching (which is basically by no means), they’re possibly lastly finding to use the restroom, scarfing down lunch, or, if time is definitely restricted, accomplishing both of those at as soon as. So, when middle university social studies instructor Mark Westpfahl responses his mobile phone in the course of the middle of sixth period of time, it feels extremely suspect. And when we commence to have a dialogue that lasts via the relaxation of sixth and seventh intervals, it is downright otherworldly. 

Of study course, Westpfahl’s midday availability on this piercingly sunny Tuesday in April will come courtesy of COVID-19 and the empty hallways and school rooms that have resulted. The pandemic isn’t only the motive Mr. Westpfahl—Westy to his students—could acquire a contact in the course of course it is the motive

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