brands breaking ground in the land of opportunity

For the founders of direct-to-customer lingerie retailer Lounge Underwear, launching the manufacturer in the US was a no-brainer.

“Everybody knows to be the most important, you have to have to crack the US,” suggests co-founder Daniel Marsden.

The manufacturer took a gradual solution, although. Co-founder Melanie Marsden suggests it commenced by partnering with US social media influencers to concentrate on distinct regions and make up manufacturer profile, in advance of launching its nation-precise web-site in August 2017.

Breaking the US is a lengthy activity and will never occur right away. Be ready to dig deep and devote greatly

Daniel Marsden, Lounge Underwear

The system is spending off with a 236% increase in US revenues from the 2019/twenty to 2020/21 fiscal several years, and “massive spikes in demand” throughout its two once-a-year revenue for Black Friday and the brand’s very own birthday in March 2021. US revenue now make up 18%

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