May 22, 2022


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25 Of The Best Memorial Tattoo Ideas For Men in 2022

When it comes to important people, events and personal beliefs, it’s hard to think of a commemoration more meaningful than permanently inking a design on your body. For this reason, memorial tattoos have been, and continue to be, some of the most popular designs around the world. 

From classic pieces, like a heart dedicated to “Mom,” to more abstract designs whose meaning may not be easily deciphered, memorial tattoos are only limited by the wearer’s imagination and the artist’s skill. Equally appealing on the forearm as they are on the chest, these personal tattoo designs hold a special place for the people who wear them.

If you need to ink a person, place, or philosophy on your skin, the memorial tattoo ideas we have collected here will give you plenty of inspiration for the next time you go under the needle.

1. Dog Memorial Tattoo

Man’s best friend. It isn’t easy to put into words the power of the relationships we form with our canine companions, so it only makes sense that people choose to commemorate these four-legged friends with ink. Whether it’s a black and grey portrait, a simple paw print or something more abstract, dog memorial tattoos are the perfect way to remember these faithful creatures.

@noy_ink_lady / Instagram

2. Simple Memorial Tattoo

One of the best things about commemorative ink is that the meaning behind the design is really important. This makes simple tattoos a great option for someone that doesn’t necessarily want a big complex design but still needs to dedicate a bit of flesh to an important part of their life. 

Simple Memorial Tattoo
@assaritattoostudio / Instagram

3. Dad Memorial Tattoo

Teaching important life lessons, making bad jokes and manning the grill at summertime BBQ’s. These are just a few things that dads do to make life just a little better. Whether he’s passed on or is just out tinkering in the garage, there’s no better way to show the world how meaningful your father-son relationship is than dad memorial tattoos.

Memorial Tattoo for Dad
@forbiddenimagestattoo / Instagram

4. Memorial Paw Print Tattoo

There’s something special about the relationships we form with our pets. They’re waiting when we get home and are always happy to see us, so it only makes sense that so many people choose to dedicate a bit of skin to their furry loved ones. Simple and to the point, memorial paw print tattoos are the perfect way to show the world just how important your pets are to you.

Memorial Paw Print Tattoo
@dovetail.arts / Instagram

5. Memorial Angel Tattoo

One of the best designs for ink dedicated to those deceased individuals that taught us lessons and made the world a better place, memorial angel tattoos can be applied in a variety of different styles. Whether it’s a simple design or something a bit more complex, the meaning behind these angelic tattoos will shine through. 

Memorial Angel Tattoo
@afi_tattoo_art / Instagram

6. Cat Memorial Tattoo

With cute kitties dominating the internet and most cat owners openly admitting that their feline companion is the boss of the house, it’s unsurprising that cat memorial tattoos are so popular. If you want to show off your cat to the world, this could be the perfect option.

Cat Memorial Tattoo
@thedarlinggreytattoo / Instagram

7. Memorial Red Cardinal Tattoo

In life, sometimes friends and family become associated with a particular animal. Maybe they kept them as pets or simply enjoyed the rare sighting of certain birds. If a loved one appreciated the beauty of these vibrant little birds, memorial red cardinal tattoos could make for the perfect commemoration.

Memorial Red Cardinal Tattoo
@danskyland_tattoo / Instagram

8. Butterfly Memorial Tattoo

Another animal that is packed full of symbolic meaning, these colorful insects have been popular in tattooing for decades. When combined with the personal significance of a commemorative design, butterfly memorial tattoos can make for some truly inspiring ink.

Butterfly Memorial Tattoo
@cj.concepts / Instagram

9. Memorial Hummingbird Tattoo

These energetic little birds are most often used as symbols of strength, resilience, and vitality; they also provide plenty of stylistic opportunities to create vibrant and eye-catching designs. If a loved one embodied any of these traits, then memorial hummingbird tattoos could be the perfect way to commemorate their impact on your life.

Memorial Hummingbird Tattoo
@aygultattoo / Instagram

10. Brother Memorial Tattoo

More often than not, your brother was your first best friend. Whether he was older and took you under his wing, teaching you how to light bottle rockets and ride a bike, or a younger brother that needed your guidance, brother memorial tattoos are the perfect way to show the world that there is no love like brotherly love.

Brother Memorial Tattoo
@vanyapentattoo / Instagram

11. Grandpa Memorial Tattoo

Grandpas are almost mythical figures when we’re young: wise jokesters that demand respect in the family. As we get older, we realize that these paterfamiliases are often the glue that holds the household together, the physical roots of the family tree. For these reasons and more, grandpa memorial tattoos are some of the most meaningful ink you can wear.

Grandpa Memorial Tattoo
@coreygracetattoo / Instagram

12. Grandma Memorial Tattoo

Another rock upon which the family is built, her love is unconditional, often born out in delicious meals, sweet lullabies and pinched cheeks. If your grandmother was a guiding figure in your life, then you should definitely consider grandma memorial tattoos.

Grandma Memorial Tattoo
@riversidetattooparlor / Instagram

13. Rose Memorial Tattoo

Roses have been popular in tattoo designs for over a century, and for a good reason. Powerful symbols of love and dedication, these layered blossoms are as beautiful as they are meaningful. Perfect for ink dedicated to an important person in your life, it’s hard to go wrong with memorial rose tattoos. 

Rose Memorial Tattoo
@black_onyx49 / Instagram

14. Memorial Tattoo For Mom

While the classic “Mom” tattoo may seem cliche, there is a reason that it remains a popular design in the 21st century. Whether you choose a classic piece of flash or go with a more abstract design, a memorial tattoo for mom is the perfect way to show off that deep down, you’re still a mama’s boy.

Memorial Tattoo For Mom
@houseofink / Instagram

15. Sunflower Memorial Tattoo

There’s no mistaking the positive energy that these bright flowers give off. Whether as a simple, stand-alone design or incorporated into a larger composition, sunflower memorial tattoos are a great way to dedicate some skin to a person in your life who shares a sunny disposition with these cheery blossoms.

Sunflower Memorial Tattoo / Instagram

16. Small Memorial Tattoo

Not every design has to be big to be meaningful, and this is particularly true of commemorative ink. With the meaning behind the design holding more weight than the art itself in many cases, small tattoos are just as meaningful as larger designs. 

Small Memorial Tattoo
@chelly_tattoo / Instagram

17. Memorial Fingerprint Tattoo

A concept that has become popular in recent years, taking these small anatomical features that are completely unique to each person and turning them into a tattoo is an interesting take on commemorative ink. If you want a design that is outside the norm, then memorial fingerprint tattoos could be a perfect choice.

Memorial Fingerprint Tattoo
@north_tattoo_piercing / Instagram

18. Memorial Angel Wings Tattoo

Sometimes we come across special people that appear at the perfect time and have an outsized impact on the direction our lives will take. Whether it’s a family member or a friend, memorial angel wings tattoos are the perfect way to commemorate these special people’s impact on our lives permanently.

Memorial Angel Wings Tattoo
@tetovazancija / Instagram

19. Fishing Memorial Tattoo

There’s something special about time spent on the water, casting a line and hauling in a fish, and for many men, these are important moments where memories are made. Whether dedicated to a father, brother, or friend, fishing memorial tattoos provide plenty of opportunities for creative designs that speak to these powerful bonds.

Fishing Memorial Tattoo
@mcfineart_tattoo / Instagram

20. Pet Memorial Tattoo

Cats, dogs, birds and fish, whatever shape your pet takes, the fact remains the relationships we form with our animal friends make life better. If you have ever felt the deep satisfaction of providing security and comfort for your animal, then pet memorial tattoos are a great choice.

Pet Memorial Tattoo
@ashandinktattoo / Instagram

21. Memorial Dragonfly Tattoo

In Chinese traditions, dragonflies are symbols of good luck that bring prosperity and good fortune to whoever they choose to land on. This makes memorial dragonfly tattoos a great way to commemorate an important relationship with the added meaning of a good luck charm.

Memorial Dragonfly Tattoo
@ristp247 / Instagram

22. Flower Memorial Tattoo 

Flowers have been common elements in tattoos for decades thanks to the variety of meaning that different species hold. This versatility makes them particularly well suited to commemorative ink, so if a friend or loved one had a favorite blossom, flower memorial tattoos could be the perfect permanent dedication. Plus, they’re just plain nice to look at.

Flower Memorial Tattoo
@daintylittletattoos / Instagram

23. Memorial Tattoo For Son

The bond between a father and son is one the most powerful relationships that anyone can experience. From laughing and playing catch to teaching important life lessons that will set him on a path towards manhood, it’s no surprise that a memorial tattoo for son is the perfect way to commemorate this unbreakable bond.

Memorial Tattoo For Son
@inkluded_tattoo_fabian / Instagram

24. Friend Memorial Tattoo

They say friends are the family that you get to choose, so it makes sense that people choose to get ink dedicated to these important relationships. Whether it is a bit of script, an important date or a goofy inside joke, few pieces are as meaningful as friend memorial tattoos.

Friend Memorial Tattoo
@tattoosbymando777 / Instagram

25. Memorial Sleeve Tattoo

Sometimes one piece just isn’t enough to properly capture the impact that certain people, places, or events have on our lives. If something or someone holds this kind of weight in your life, then you might want to consider memorial sleeve tattoos.

Memorial Sleeve Tattoo
@dakastattoos / Instagram

Memorial Tattoo FAQ:

What is a memorial tattoo?

A memorial tattoo is a piece of ink dedicated to something, someone, or somewhere that holds a special place in your heart. Maybe it’s a special friend or family member; maybe it’s a unit that you served within the military. Whatever it is, a memorial tattoo is a permanent display of respect for the important things in life.

Why get a memorial tattoo?

At the heart of every tattoo is a personal decision to endure pain and discomfort for art and the meaning behind it. When the weight of an important relationship or event is added to this personal expression, the ink becomes even more meaningful. If someone or something has changed your life, you might want to consider getting a memorial tattoo.

Where should I get a memorial tattoo?

While on the chest, over the heart is a popular placement for obvious reasons; you can get a memorial tattoo anywhere you want. For some people, the perfect spot may be on the forearm, for others, it might be on the calf, but many people prefer to have their memorial tattoos placed somewhere they will regularly see it, serving as a constant reminder of the importance of the subject.