3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Corsage


Weddings, proms, graduations, parties—it’s difficult to think of a special event that isn’t decorated with flowers. Brides carry beautifully crafted bouquets and lush vases decorate tables at the event hall. If you are going to be wearing flowers all day, here are three things to consider when choosing boutonnieres and corsages Salt Lake City UT.

Timing; As flowers have a limited lifespan once cut, you may think this is something you can put off to a month or so before your event. In truth, you should contact your desired florist at least six months in advance. They need plenty of time to procure and arrange the right flowers. It’s important to have your color scheme picked out before contacting them, so you can be sure the corsages will match the dresses you’ve chosen.

Mix it Up; Don’t be afraid to get creative with the flowers your party will be wearing. Consider incorporating silk blooms, felt or even dried flowers or wheat. Choose something that best fits your theme and style even if it’s not the most popular option.

Allergies; When choosing corsages and boutonnieres for a large group such as a bridal party, don’t forget to take allergies into account. The last thing you want is your maid-of-honor sneezing miserably during your entire ceremony. Consider the worst plants for allergies as well and try to avoid anything that will make your guests uncomfortable, especially in the spring when pollen content in the air is already high.

Be sure to store corsages and boutonnieres in the refrigerator if you receive them a few days before the event. Flowers have been an important part of formal events for many years, so take the above points into consideration before ordering yours. You can even look into having them dried afterward as a memento of the special occasion.