Finding the Right Equipment for Your Horse

Any animal can be a human’s best friend, but the bond between you and your horse is especially unique. Caring for these large, tender creatures requires intense dedication and attention to detail, as they are in need of specific items and routines that are unlike other pets. Knowing the different kinds of tools and resources to have on-hand can be very beneficial in starting a cycle of care habits for your horse!

Finding a Comfortable Halter

One of the first horse supplies you’ll want to invest in is a properly fitting halter for your animal. Find something that not only fits snugly but is also made with a strong yet movable material and does not cause any discomfort to your horse’s head or face. As a bonus, if you can find a halter that comes with adjustable straps, you will be able to tighten or loosen the halter depending on your horse’s growth patterns; you can even transfer the halter to a different horse if you so choose! The right halter is a key piece of equipment you’ll want when considering how to care for your horse. 

Boots or Polo Wraps

When it comes to proper attire for show or sport horses, front and hind boots or polo wraps add layers of both aesthetic and protection to your equestrian friend’s legs. A polo wrap is a soft material that requires special wrapping techniques; these wraps are often used to protect the legs from dust, debris and other scraping or rubbing that can occur during riding. Boots are used in a similar fashion, but are made from sturdier material and can be used to protect against injury.

Horses are incredible beings that make for wonderful companions. Whether you are taking care of a horse for personal reasons or training one for sport, ensuring that they have the proper equipment and attire can make your job a lot easier.