It’s fairly easy to select jewelry for gifts special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Selection becomes more complex for these special occasion gifts when the individual to be feted has particular preferences in jewelry styles. A guide to jewelry selection for the “hard to please” is to take note of their usual choices in jewelry. Generally, wearers of jewelry have eclectic tastes or a flair for the traditional.

Defining Jewelry Selection

It is important to note men and women often choose jewelry on impulse. These pieces of jewelry are eye catching and irresistible. For example, men tend to be impulsive about the latest fashions in watches. Women tend to be more impulsive over an eye catching ring, bracelet, earrings, pendant or necklace.

Engagement and Wedding Ring Selection

When it comes to engagement rings, this may be a well coordinated effort between the future bride and groom. However, surprise proposals mean the future groom needs to know the ring size and personal style preferences of the bride before making an investment in an engagement ring. Most men rely on the assistance of professional jewelry consultants to help them choose the ring the bride will be proud to wear.

Once the engagement is announced, the next step is choosing wedding rings the couple will wear throughout their marriage. Mitchum Jewelers, a leader in fine designer jewelry, is located in Nixa, Branson, Joplin and Springfield Missouri and has the distinction of 52 years in the jewelry industry. With this wealth of experience, buyers of designer jewelry rely on their experience and excellent customer service.

Designer Names to Rely On

There’s no doubt the prestige of designer names influences jewelry selection. Names like Benchmark, A. Jaffe, Tacori, Shinola Detroit, Henri Daussi, Pandora, Parade and Beny Sofer are part of the Mitchum Jewelers collection.

Engagement, wedding and all occasion rings are available in a choice of settings like emerald, pear shape, princess, round, oval and radiant to name a few. Lovers of vintage and modern jewelry find the perfect jewelry for gifts or personal wear. Men love the designer look of Shinola watches that coordinate so well with formal or casual wardrobes.

Women choose the elegant Canfield, Cass or Birdy watches to make a style statement for their ensembles. However, it’s hard to resist the temptation to choose several pairs of earrings like beautiful diamond studs, gold hoops or artfully designed chandelier earrings so popular today.

No jewelry wardrobe is complete without bracelets. Choose bangles or bracelets set with stunning turquoise and silver filigree with jet gemstones from Tacori.

Necklaces and pendants are always a great choice for graduations and other special occasions. Shop online at today for the perfect designer jewelry.