How To Prevent Dating Scams In Denmark gives you heads-up and other reviews in Denmark. They are very important. It is always a thing that people who are lacking in conscience and moral principles always scout for dubious means to rip others off their hard-earned money. And Denmark dating sites are not void of these miscreants. Dating scams are now on the rise. 

There’s a pain that comes with losing your money to someone who puts up a pseudo-dating profile. These people would lead you on and have you invest time and emotions into them and, ultimately, your money. You can imagine the pains that come with talking to a 23-year-old, sweet-looking damsel for months, when it’s just a 46-year-old man. However, there are a couple of ways to save yourself from falling into the hook of these sets of people. 

List Of Ways On How To Prevent Dating Scams In Denmark

Things like dating in Denmark have never been made as easy as it currently is. The fact that this is a thing is the reason for the growing scam. Here are a few things you should do to prevent dating scams. 

1. Ask for their WhatsApp number and have them turn up their locations 

Upon connecting with a person on a dating platform, asking for their WhatsApp number and requesting them to turn on their location is one of the ways to save you from possible scams. Most scammers live very distant from the locations they claim to be in. You’ll get to know people from their location if they are not genuine. 

Besides, you must have had previous discussions on their occupations, workplaces, and duty days. If all of these don’t tally with their WhatsApp location, then take the next exit and leave. It’s a 99.9% scam. 

2. Ask for a video call (a live call) 

A live video call has many benefits, and it is one of the sure ways to know you’re dealing with the true person that appears on any dating profile. However, there are applications developed to counter this. These applications can help develop a pseudo-face, even during live video calls. However, you can figure out whether or not it’s a lie on the video background. You just have to be vigilant and watchful. 

3. Ask for other digital footprints

There’s hardly any person who has just a single digital footprint. Every person that is social media active usually has many social media accounts. So ask for their other social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. These accounts must corroborate with their dating profile accounts and must have existed for a reasonable number of years with a good track record. If they give any excuse for these, run! 


There are other ways to prevent dating scams in Denmark. These are just the most important areas that should be looked into. It’s also a red flag when a person with whom you’re connected on a dating site constantly asks for money, puts up pitiful stories or lives an almost-perfect life. You could also ask them certain questions peculiar to the Danish people. If they do not know or take long to provide answers to those common questions that an average Dane should know, they are scammers. 

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