May 23, 2022


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Is Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls Curly Girl Approved?

The Curly Female Process was initially launched by DevaCurl co-founder, Lorraine Massey, for the express intent of giving people a foolproof guidebook to enhance and keep their by natural means curly hair. This guidebook serves as a handbook that aspects the greatest strategies to get great curls by employing precise, classy tactics and products and solutions.

While the Curly Lady Process does vary a bit owing to folks having distinctive forms of hair, the theory will work additional or significantly less the similar for all people. Even so, it doesn’t only inform folks what to do it also tells them what solutions to keep away from.

Naturally, if you really do not stick to the rules adequately, you are liable to end up with frizz or dull hair. Utilizing just 1 solution that is not Curly Girl authorised is more than enough to spoil all of your hair planning initiatives. This is why you ought to pay added focus to merchandise labels and have the information of what is and is not Curly Female permitted.

Pass up Jessie’s Pillow Tender Curls

The short remedy to this query is no, Pass up Jessie’s Pillow Tender Curls are not authorised by the pointers set by the Curly Woman System given that the item works by using amodimethicone. To have an understanding of why this is the case, we have to comprehend what emollients are and how they are made use of in hair treatment.


You could possibly have heard the expression emollient in regards to skincare products, but emollients have their way into the hair care glossary. In skincare, emollients are used in solutions to give them a excellent spreadability that gets a slim layer that softens the skin devoid of becoming greasy. Taking that and turning it into the earth of hair care, we get that emollients generate a quite slender movie on the hair which then serves to soften it with out offering it a greasy texture. 

If we get additional particular, emollients in hair treatment are predominantly built up of hydrophobic oils that type a slender layer on the hair, wherever they serve as a sealant. They do the job as a lubricant that stops the drag and friction among hair for the purpose of producing your curls simpler to detangle. In addition, they also control to reduce the tangling in general by generating the cuticle surface area incredibly leveled and flat. Some emollients are even in a position to simply penetrate the hair and get the job done from the inside of to include energy and elasticity to the strand.

What’s Poor About Emollients?

Most styles of emollients will contain elements these kinds of as dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, amodimethicone, and other types of silicone. If you have been spending interest to the Curly Woman Technique, then you already know that silicone is a large no-no for all-natural curls. Although silicones do give excellent positive aspects, these as a silky sleek feeling in your hair, combating frizz, and entanglement, they also come with some downsides.

Enter the “bad silicones,” a non-water soluble silicone that decides to adhere all-around lengthier than what we want. These silicones build up in your on your hair and will not be eliminated with a easy wash. They can also prevent your hair from receiving the crucial nutrients it needs by building a film on the surface area of the hair strand. Finally, silicones can weigh down your hair and thus finish up producing your curls develop into straighter and harder to regulate.

Can I Use Silicone in My Hair?

If you are wanting to strictly stick to the Curly Female Approach, then you really should steer clear of most sorts of silicone in hair care goods. However, issues aren’t that simple in a standard environment. The problem can change from particular person to individual, so though the Curly Female Strategy prohibits the use of silicone, it can be used in moderation alongside with the appropriate variety of silicone. We have presently set up that making use of silicone delivers plenty of added benefits, and its use is widespread throughout the hair treatment market for superior explanation. There are exceptions to the rule so you require to fully grasp the results of silicone and how that relates to your hair circumstance. 

Curly Female Approach Silicones to Avoid

However, the checklist of silicones that really should be avoided in the Curly Lady Process is quite intensive, Continue to keep an eye out for any silicone with the suffix xane, cone, con, and for the variants of dimethicone. All these will be the formerly talked about non-h2o soluble silicones that have a tendency to become buildup in your hair. You really should note that names for silicones are developed on a common basis, and you can fall prey to the use of these new terms if you are not preserving up with the ever-expanding record of “bad silicones.”

In this article is a rapid listing of the major silicones you will see in merchandise and should stay clear of:

  • Aminopropyl triethoxysilane
  • Amodimethicone
  • Dimethicone
  • Behenoxy Dimethicone
  • Bis-aminopropyl dimethicone
  • silicon
  • Dimethiconol
  • Trimethylsiloxysilicate
  • Trimethylsilylamodimethicone
  • dimethicon

What About the Superior Silicones?

Now that we have absent above the “bad silicones,” you could possibly start to speculate the place the “good silicones” are, and the good news is, there are some silicones that are regarded alright to use in your hair. 

The good news is, it is much less difficult to location fantastic silicone ingredients considering the fact that they all arrive with the prefix “peg” or “ppg” in their title. Silicones with individuals text are all soluble in h2o. Why exactly do you want h2o-soluble silicone components?

The raw components made use of in silicone can adhere to your hair, but water-soluble substances can clean off your hair with a very simple rinse in h2o. In contrast to other silicone elements, there is no will need to use impressive conditioners that strip your scalp and hair of vital substances this kind of as sebum. 

Is There a Pass up Jessie Solution Substitute That Is Curly Girl Accepted?

If you are an avid supporter of the Miss Jessie brand name but you also do not wish to stray from the guidelines set by the Curly Female Method, then you could nevertheless have some solutions.

If you are established on having softer curls, then you can try out Overlook Jessie’s Jelly Smooth Curls. It manages to provide definition, bounce, and some shine to your curls thanks to its Curly Lady-approved formula. Whilst it does use emollients like Pillow Tender Curls, it does not function any of the “bad silicones” that linger in your hair. The gel is apparent and dries incredibly immediately, so there is no problem finding ready in the morning, moreover it has a slight scent that you may possibly delight in. 

Other Non-Miss Jessie Item That Could Do the Task

If you are great with likely exterior the Pass up Jessie brand, then there are also loads of their products and solutions that could get the occupation completed for you. All though keeping in the policies of the Curly Lady Approach.

You can check out out Ouidad’s VitalCurl+ Define & Shine Gel-Product if you cannot choose between a product or gel to design and style your curls. This item need to be able to retain your curls’ definition, retain humidity, bounce, and elasticity. It also provides you a very natural seem, so there is no problem that any gel residue will be seen hours right after software.

How to Know What is Curly Girl Approach Authorized?

If you are experience puzzled about what is and what is not Curly Female Strategy authorised, then you would not be alone. This sort of situation is not your fault since the principles that people today abide by for the Curly Woman Process will inevitably differ depending on unique wants. What will work for some will not function for all people. All you can do is get familiar with the wants of your curls and do your possess investigate to see if the solutions you are on the lookout at fulfill all those needs.