Men’s Jewelry – An Absolute Style Statement


Truly, Men’s accessories are an absolute style statement. Women are not the only ones who are privileged wearing ornaments anymore. There are several types of accessories available in the market. Men wear them for a variety of reasons. They could wear when they go for date or wear it as a lucky charm or wear it at the night club for a style statement. They also wear accessories for formal business look or as a beach wear. Men’s accessories are not confined anymore and they are quite sophisticated and contemporary and not too conservative. Men of today demonstrate increase in style sophistication.

Men’s accessory is not just limited to rings. You can also have necklaces, bracelets, watches, and cuff links, cross pendants, skull ornaments, biker’s articles and lot of other accessories. It is an old saying that bracelets are a symbol of power and pride along with prosperity and wealth. The overall look of a man is enhanced by wearing jewelry.

History says that ornaments date back in 1800 BC. Ornaments were popular with the Romans too. Initially the material in ornaments was beads, metals, glass, bones, wood, stones etc. Later ornaments were made for spiritual and religious interests. Now, ornaments are being crafted with variety of materials like leather, cloth, hemps etc. Due to metal craft evolution, ornaments are now available in gold, silver, bronze, copper and titanium. Also, gemstones add a touch to the accessory. They are no longer women’s accessories. In Greece men wore thick leather cuffs or metal for protection from blows in the battlefield.

Men from the world of television, music, entertainment, media, fashion etc had appointed special designers to make special jewelry for them. Gone are those days, now even a non-celebrity can wear excellent silver jewelry available in lot of designs, shapes and sizes. Titanium is most popular among men due to strong durability.

Men’s accessories depend on personal preferences and style statement according to the profession of an individual. For instance, there is a wide range of musical styles of jewelry. There are even brands available in men’s stuff. For example, a belt buckles of Stephen Webster. One can try wearing similar brand of the T shirt with the branded jewelry. All the expert Jewelry designers have predicted that jewelry is not a passing fad. Designers are devoting a lot of time and attention for men’s accessories as it is the future of the market. Gone are the days when cuff links and watches were the only options available for men. Gucci, Hugo boss etc also provide designer range to its customers. Sales on the on-line market are also shooting up considerably. There are several on-line sites offering men’s accessories.

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