TikTok star shows how to trim split ends in 3 easy steps

That shaggy-haired self-isolators close to the environment are willing to chance their lives for a trim in the course of the coronavirus pandemic has been effectively-documented.

But London-based attractiveness and physical fitness influencer Stefanie Williams claims to know a hair hack that will rid your mane of mangy split finishes in minutes, from the basic safety of your dwelling.

Williams shared the trick in a TikTok put up that has been considered a lot more than one.seven million moments.

The “trick my mum taught me” prevents “split finishes and suggests hair will not split off so quickly,” she writes in the caption, incorporating, “Curly hair straighten it first.”

In the clip, she demonstrates the methods, which get started with effectively-brushed straight hair. Following, she separates her hair alongside best and base levels, then divides the base layer into smaller sections. Taking 1 of the little sections in her hand, she

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