‘The hellish process of dealing with CAMHS to get help for my son’s mental health issues is like being trapped in an abusive game of Heads We Win, Tails You Lose’

A Bishop’s Stortford mom writes anonymously about her three-yr fight with Herts CAMHS (Kid and Adolescent Mental Health Provider) to get aid for her son’s psychological health and fitness problems…

The aggressively bright paint of the A&E waiting around space is a jarring backdrop for screaming, bleeding youngsters and a not significantly unwell toddler constantly crashing into chairs until I want to scream, too.

My endurance is stretched slim by the point of having previously pushed 75 miles due to the fact 8am nowadays and invested four several hours waiting around at a distinct clinic till they advised me they couldn’t aid and despatched us below, one more hour’s push absent, to hold out for one more five several hours.

Ironically, the hard-to-identify kid psychological health and fitness staff we are attempting to see, and with whom my kid has been registered as a affected person for the past four

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