Sonovia hopes anti-viral masks can destroy 99% coronavirus

Adhering to a prosperous laboratory test, Israeli agency Sonovia not too long ago claimed that a fabric it has produced can neutralise about 99 for every cent of the coronavirus even just after several washes. The firm’s reusable anti-viral masks coated in zinc oxide nano-particles can wipe out microorganisms, fungi and viruses, and can support stop the unfold of coronavirus, it claimed.

Sonovia stated the washable fabric applied in its masks neutralised more than 90 for every cent of the coronavirus to which it was exposed, as for every tests executed in the Microspectrum (Weipu Jishu) lab in Shanghai, according to international newswires.

In the coming weeks, the fabric, which can also be applied in textiles for hospitals, protective devices and clothes, can neutralise practically 99 for every cent of the coronavirus, Liat Goldhammer, Sonovia’s main engineering officer, stated.

Sonovia’s clients contain German brands Bruckner and Weber Ultrasonics, and hospitals

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