A Brief History of the Irish in Minnesota


The system of an Irish-born sergeant, John Hays, washes up in the Mississippi—St. Paul’s very first recorded murder. Henry Sibley, then justice of the peace, arrests yet another Irishman, Edward Phelan, a violent Fort Snelling army buddy. But he dodges conviction.


After emigrating with his mothers and fathers from Kilkenny in 1852, John Ireland turns into ordained in St. Paul and serves as chaplain in the Civil War with the Fifth Minnesota, a primarily Irish regiment.


James J. Hill marries Mary Theresa Mehegan, a devout Irish Catholic who went to faculty with John Ireland’s sisters. The Protestant railroad baron demonstrates a choice for selecting Irish contractors even though setting up his Great Northern line.


Bishop Ireland settles countless numbers of Irish on land together the Great Northern. But when a colony of 24 Gaelic-speaking people at Graceville operates into the wintergeddon of ’80-81,

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