The Feed | Of Love and Oxen

Of class, people who are smitten will see this as Valentine’s weekend, but you should really know nowadays kicks off the Lunar New Yr. And 2021 is Yr of the Ox, which symbolizes trustworthiness, diligence, and energy. Coming off of Yr of the Rat, we welcome the oxen. As well as, next 7 days we’re hunting down Extra fat Tuesday and Fish Fry Friday, so get your kicks in: acquire in some ice frolfing, check your cheese provide, and get all set for chili.

Carrying out Great in the Community

Matt Kenevan, founder of the Beer Dabbler and expensive departed Growler Magazine, has a mission. Last 7 days I aided him and his #DabblerandFriends chop a major pile of wood that he was donating to places to eat for patio firepits, and to encampments of unsheltered Minnesotans to help continue to keep them heat and alive. Effectively, you’ve felt the

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