Tips for Shopping for Antique Collectibles on Free Classified Ads Sites

There are a few things you can keep in mind when hunting for that perfect piece on free ads sites. Different aspects of locations, time periods and other issues that have to be targeted when hunting for period pieces, can be made a whole world easier keeping a few handy tips and tricks in mind.

When considering the purchase of antiques via online ad postings there are several aspects to consider.

Sight “Unseen”

The absolute biggest problem is that when purchasing such specific pieces you can miss quite a few very important things.

Hidden Signatures or Logos

Often the best way to recognize the originality of a piece is to locate and investigate the items signature logo or trademark. Often in very expensive pieces, these signature marks can be counterfeited and without seeing them up close and personally, there may be no guaranteed way of being sure you have an original. When responding to classified ad posts on this type of piece always ask for the clearest shots of the logos, and many of them. If a seller tells you they are unable to provide you one. Take your money and run.

Logical Deductions

If you are looking for a certain period piece it is always best to go to the area of the original source. Chances are if you are looking for an original European piece, European classified ads may be the best place to begin your search. Looking for civil war pieces? Check out the east coast in the region of the piece you desire.

The Golden Rule

The golden rule followed by antique collectors is to “Only buy things that you like.” This can avoid overspending beyond your personal limits, or collecting pieces that you really can’t use. When purchasing online from ads sites, this may be the one thing that protects you the most. So make a habit of checking over ads for pieces you would like, investigate and request the required photos and then take a step back and give it some consideration.

The greatest things about buying antique collectibles online on free classified ad sites are the ease in which you can request and view photos to view the piece, the wide reaching capabilities of online classified ad sites and the ability to take the pressure off the purchase by simply stepping away from the keyboard.

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