The wedding day is the most important thing not just for the bride, but also for her family. We know that for that special day everything needs to be in place. And you have to hire the best people so the organization can be on point. Photography is one of the most important parts of that day because that is a way of keeping memories for a long time.

For weddings, choosing the photographer is usually by word of mouth. There are many agencies that do this kind of jobs and there are also a lot of freelancers that would like to build their brand name. A lot of Salt Lake wedding photographers are professionals and technology is at the point where you don’t need to much experience to make a perfect photo. There are certain tips you can follow to be different from the majority.

Personalized checklist

You need to find out when you can do every shot from the checklist because you won’t have enough time if you don’t organize that firstly. To 99% of people that are getting married, details are very important part of the wedding. So, they look for the photographers that can document every aspect of that day.

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The goal is for the bride to be able after many years to take a look at the album and get reminded of all the things that happened throughout the day and in the best possible way. It is very crucial to sit down with the couple and ask them specifically about what they are expecting and where should the main focus be.

Get to know the couple

Before the wedding day, a smart thing to do is to take photos before it happens and at that time get to know the couple. Ask normal questions about how long they are together and so on, so they will be more comfortable when taking photos.

Men are usually stiffer when it comes to posing, so they know the photographer, they will feel more relaxed and it will come naturally. Also, taking photos before the wedding will allow you to see what angles and ways of taking a photo works best for that couple.

When you know the details about them, if you have an artist in you, you can make a storyline of photos that are associated with their story. That is what the best photographers are doing nowadays. Also, adding some special effects to certain pictures is a normal thing.

Be part of a team

When you start doing bigger gigs, there will be hired about 3 to 4 photographers, each one with a different job. The best way to work with other photographers is to already have your own team. The organization will be better and you won’t have a problem with others getting in the shots.

It is hard for one photographer to cover everything that is going on. Almost every professional have assistants for their lightning set-up and gear. Don’t be greedy to have a team of 2 to 3 people so you can earn more, it is more important to get the job done the right way. Read more on this page.

Importance of good gear

At this time, gear can make you better than some people that are doing this for a lifetime but have lower quality gear. It means that great gear will allow you to cover everything that the couple asks you to cover. Investing in quality lenses and cameras will improve your chances of getting the job and will improve your work. Even if you lose a lot of money, it will be returned eventually if you get the best gear at the moment.

Many people think that you just need a good camera and some light effect to create great photos, but there is more to it. It can be very expensive, so you need to have some budget for starters. Even if you are working for some time, there is always room to advance.

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Technology is also improving always which means you need to follow what is best on the market every year. Also, read articles about it and experiences from users.


When everyone is celebrating and drinking it is hard to keep people in one place when taking group photos. At some moments you need to learn to be bossy or just know how to get some ones attention to listen. You will always have to tell people what they need to do to make a great photo, so you also need to prepare verbally.

It is also essential that you wear proper clothing for the occasion. If there is a dress code, you surely need to know about that, so you can blend in. Besides the professional gear you have, you also need to know how to look professional and act like it.

People will talk to you differently when you sound serious and look like you know what you are doing. You can make the best photos, but when you are unprofessional, you won’t get the job.

You are not just a guest

Every couple will tell you that you are also a guest because you are doing an important job for the wedding. That is true, but not all the way. You need to always have in mind that you are a professional and you are on the job.

It is important to know when to back off because in some special moments you need to work from the distance. For example, the first dance, you don’t want to get in front of everyone just to take a good photo, you need to learn to do that from the distance.