September 20, 2021


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What’s the Secret to Getting the Best Skin of Your Life?

(BPT) – Your pores and skin is your body’s major organ, which signifies that it desires excess treatment just about every day to maintain it in tip-prime form, no matter whether that signifies averting sunlight publicity, not smoking, limiting your use of Merlot, drenching your pores and skin with hyaluronic acid, or exfoliating weekly. But these great practices can only take your pores and skin so far. About time, you are going to want some far more extreme intervention to reverse environmental harm and take your pores and skin to the up coming amount.

Enter Cutera’s Secret™ RF energy-dependent program that stimulates remodeling collagen beneath the skin’s surface to deal with the most widespread signals of getting older on the experience and the overall body. Mystery RF delivers controlled radiofrequency energy immediately into many depths of the skin’s layers with minimally invasive microneedles. As a result, it spares the epidermis or surface of the pores and skin so you can get back again to your usual plan immediately and no a single will know you had anything at all done.

“Secret RF Microneedling can handle pimples scars, extend marks and can also be applied to minimize pores. We are in a position to personalize treatment options dependent on each and every individual’s prime problems, pores and skin form, and place of the experience or overall body,” states New York Metropolis dermatologist Marina Peredo. “We might use a gentler environment for light-weight facial rejuvenation, fine lines or pores, but a far more aggressive environment for pimples scarring, which necessitates further penetration. We can also get fantastic improvement for crepey pores and skin of the neck, higher arms and stomach, without having the soreness and downtime of some other products.”

The distinctive handpiece on the Mystery RF program helps make it suitable for treatment options on the experience, neck, upper body and overall body. In addition, since it is the major dimensions obtainable, your aesthetic company can handle many areas in a single visit for far more spectacular results in a shorter interval of time.

“My patients would like to revitalize and refresh the visual appeal of their pores and skin, but without having prolonged facet consequences or downtime. By changing the microneedles, Mystery RF can provide energy at many depths so I can tailor the treatment method for each and every patient’s problems, like fine lines, wrinkles, pimples scars, sunlight harm and extend marks,” states Dr. Manu Aggarwal, Vein Treatment Heart & Laser Experts in Lima, OH.

“Considering the fact that there are two needle kinds, I can conduct custom-made treatment options on all pores and skin kinds and all year round.”

It’s vital to realize that though common microneedling that you can do at residence or in a spa might deliver an original enhance, the extreme radiofrequency energy mixed with microneedling of Mystery RF greatly amplifies the process. Warmth established by the extra RF energy also functions to constrict the fundamental pores and skin layers which helps to sleek out far more intense lines, wrinkles, aged extend marks, scars and pimples scars.

According to Dr. Peredo, Mystery RF is a single of the most well known treatment options in her exercise. “Most of my patients will have an original collection of three or 4 sessions spaced a couple months apart to attain the finest results. Some appear back again for touchups and also to have other areas done considering that they are so delighted with the pores and skin enhancements we can reach,” she states.

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