World expert shut out of MH370 search

Still Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi, from the University of Western Australia, was “inexplicably” excluded from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s (ATSB’s) lookup for parts of the lacking plane.

Rather the ATSB known as the CSIRO and its oceanographic staff who created such important errors in their drift modelling calculations that they introduced that parts of the plane would transform up in Sumatra — a area Professor Pattiaratchi claimed at the time was impossible because of to the prevailing currents.

The ATSB later had to confess the errors and asked for revised drift modelling a number of situations, but nevertheless didn’t phone in Professor Pattiaratchi to aid.

The errors, which no question hampered lookup efforts for particles, have prompted issues about why the ATSB wouldn’t use a globe skilled, who was proper below their noses, and whether what has been explained as the “hierarchical system” in Australia is proper.

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