New Book shows elderly Chinatown style stars across the country

Chinatown is acknowledged for its food items, its procuring and its background. But two mates want it to be celebrated for a little something else — its utterly exclusive street model.

San Francisco-centered photographer Andria Lo and writer and caterer Valerie Luu met as a result of the food items scene a lot more than 6 decades ago, and loved receiving alongside one another in the Bay Area’s Chinatown. And the a lot more time they spent there, Lo mentioned, “we seen this actually distinctive model amongst the senior citizens.”

What began as a pet task — snapping shots and interviewing snazzy seniors — grew to become a enthusiasm, as the pair traveled the nation to visit bustling Chinatowns in Oakland, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Chicago and New York. Now, their photographs and interviews are compiled into a reserve, “Chinatown Pretty” (Chronicle Publications), out Sept. 22.

“We have photos and scenes

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