Finding Strength in Weakness: Living with Myasthenia Gravis

(BPT) – “I notify persons it feels like when you happen to be drunk, but without having the liquor. So that usually means you can’t see straight, you can’t stroll straight, you can’t speak. You are wobbly and all about the spot. That is how I experience when I am having a myasthenia gravis flare up.”

Leah Gaitan-Diaz was 40 a long time previous when she was identified with myasthenia gravis (MG), a uncommon, long-term neuromuscular autoimmune illness that causes debilitating and potentially daily life-threatening muscle weak spot.1 Though her four-12 months practical experience with MG has come with a lot of issues — which include absence of knowing and help from some of the persons in her daily life, leaving her task as a store manager and in search of long lasting incapacity — Leah is boosting her voice and sharing her MG tale to help other individuals

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