Springboard for the Arts Launches Guaranteed Income Pilot for Artists

Springboard for the Arts has launched a pilot system that will offer a assured minimal cash flow for artists and culture employees in St. Paul. The Guaranteed Cash flow for Artists Pilot is one of the nation’s first assured cash flow applications focused to the resourceful workforce—it will advantage 25 artists in the Frogtown and Rondo neighborhoods as section of a reinvestment in St. Paul’s historically marginalized communities.

“We selected to launch our pilot in Rondo and Frogtown since we understand the disproportionate economic outcomes of COVID in excess of the past calendar year, and the legacy of displacement and divestment from those communities in excess of decades,” claimed Caroline Taiwo, Springboard’s economic chance director, in a statement. “We see this assured cash flow pilot as an chance to emphasis aid efforts on neighborhoods most impacted by the pandemic(s), and centre artists from these locations as resourceful challenge solvers and

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