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College assignments can really negatively impact your mental health and College experience as a whole. Many are times Students end up dropping out or having nervous breakdowns during their College years. This is a stark contrast from the colorful pictures used in College brochures and the depiction of College life in Movies and films. Your years in College are supposed to be about self-awareness and finding your purpose. However, most students turn into zombies with a triangular lifestyle that involves Class, Libraries and hostels. Studies have shown that the pressure to pass exams contributes significantly to Exam failure than lack of preparation. This is shocking considering exams are supposed to test a student’s understanding of a particular topic or subject. This workload has led to an upsurge in the so called Custom essay help platforms.  These are basically online platforms where students post their assignment instructions and pay to have the assignment done by a Professional paper helper or writer.

The student will have to create an account in the platform similar to a social media platform. Payment is usually through paypal though different websites have different payment options. Once the student completes payment, the order is assigned to a writer who will regularly update the student on the progress of the paper. This however depends on the deadline of the paper as some have really short deadlines.  These services have been christened “do my homework for money” as they are basically transactional. They cut across all levels of education right from High school to College to Doctoral studies. If we dig deeper on these services we find that there are automated essay services such as essaytyper and the traditional essay help services. Though automated services have gained popularity in recent years, their reliability has always been questionable. A review of essaytyper shows that although popular the website is highly unreliable. Most students who use this service do so at their own risk. Another automatic essay service is essaybot. A similar review of essaybot  also shows that the website isn’t reliable. 

The reliability issue comes about because every assignment has its specificities and requires a personal touch which these automated services can’t offer. This alludes to the fact that machine can’t replace man. The other so called traditional essay writing services provide a personal touch to your assignment. They are written from scratch and the articles are usually well researched. If you do get a good and reliable website, you could use it for your entire college life as they become addictive.  The idea of paying someone a few dollars to get the burden of homework off your back is enticing to many. Ironically, many students who use these platforms end up doing well in their studies. This is because they have more time on their hands to focus on their weak areas. This is called working smart rather than working hard.

An issue that constantly arises when using these services is whether or not they are legal. The simple answer to this is they are legal, however some consider them unethical. Most of these services are disguised as templates for students to use to write their own papers. Most of these services have a disclaimer to this effect. Students who choose to submit the papers as their own do so at their own risk. This is because different Schools have different rules that are open to interpretation.

In conclusion, you can choose to seek the services of an assignment help service to ease your college homework burden. However you should be careful of the websites you choose. Always ensure that the paper submitted is plagiarism free. You should however not compromise your Academics for the sake of enjoying the college experience.