This ‘ramen’ face mask is designed to embrace glasses fogging up

SYDNEY — Japanese artist Takahiro Shibata’s eyeglasses are fogging up for the reason that of his experience mask — a issue familiar to several spectacles wearers all through the coronavirus pandemic.

But Shibata has turned the bothersome aspect impact into a a person-of-a-sort piece of art. The additional his eyeglasses fog up, the hotter and steamier the noodle soup on his “ramen mask” appears to be.

Shibata, an animator and artist, to begin with established out to fix the issue bugging several a spectacles wearer who dons a mask to defend by themselves from COVID-19.

But once he learned that was impossible, he made the decision to have some enjoyment instead.

The three-D ramen mask, produced from felt and clay, has every thing you’d want in a true bowl of the noodle soup. Shibata’s nose disappears into chashu braised pork, green onions, bamboo shoots, and a slice of fish cake.

Japanese artist Takahiro Shibata
Japanese artist Takahiro ShibataReuters

Shibata, who reported he required “to cheer people today up a small bit,” has no programs to market the mask together with his other artwork. Though he may well not be carrying it substantially possibly.

“The ‘bowl’ is stuffed with cotton and it weighs pretty much as major as a stuffed toy,” he reported. “So it doesn’t come to feel comfortable when I set it on.”