Twin Cities Film Fest Launches Streaming Service

Normally, we’d announce the films slated to premiere as part of the Twin Cities Film Festival. However, like every other event for the foreseeable future, the festival was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Who knows when we’ll be able to go back to movie theaters to see films on the big screen.

But the show must go on, which is why the festival built a new streaming service called TCFF Streams on its website so you can access movies from home, priced at $5.99 per flick. A good way to stay entertained at home while supporting the indie film scene.

“We’ve always been on the forefront of innovation.” TCFF executive director Jatin Setia said in a press release. “We’re always trying to think of new ways to celebrate artists and to engage our audiences … and if theaters must close during this time of emergency, then we’re happy to play a small role in bringing these vital films and essential filmmakers straight to your living room.”

Last year, the organization launched a production initiative that connected small businesses and nonprofits with local filmmakers to create new video projects, commissioning more than $50,000 so far. While the festival hopes to continue expanding it this year, the money raised from the films streamed will be split with the local independent filmmakers. 

Here are the films currently streaming, per the announcement:

  • 8 Seasons of Art (Documentary): This documentary follows a group of Minnesota artists who share their message of love, intentionality and purpose for being an artist.
  • Attack of the Tattie-Bogle (Horror): A masked stranger shows up at a cabin of unsuspecting friends.
  • Noah Wise (Comedy/Drama): As a saxophone quintet comes to an end, Noah meets a singer-songwriter whose career is just beginning.
  • Not in My Lifetime (Documentary): This thought provoking films goes behind the scenes for the struggle of gay marriage and the decision to marry or not.
  • Riplist (Documentary): Riplist follows seven friends in a celebrity death pool where they predict which famous people will die in the next year.
  • Secrets of Blackmoor (Documentary): This film explores the origins of the role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons through interviews, archival footage and newly discover artifacts.
  • Special Ed (Drama):  A military veteran befriends a special needs man in an attempt to redeem himself from the horrors of the Iraq War.
  • The Shingle Guys (Drama): James has never had a girlfriend: his brother, Ben, is a ladies man: their friend Willie has just been dumped. See them maneuver new realities.  
  • Twin Cities (Drama): When John quits his job and his pregnant wife suffers from writers block, this married couple head toward a mutual breakdown.
  • Without Papers (Documentary): A young Latino woman struggles growing up without legal documentation in the US and shows her triumphs with the help of DACA.