Minnesota Center for Book Arts Confronts White Supremacy with Window Art Installation

A new art set up is on exhibit at the Minnesota Middle for Guide Arts in downtown Minneapolis. Pasted throughout the center’s exterior home windows are white posters with simple black text: White supremacy is tenacious. White supremacy is laughable. White supremacy is calculated. White supremacy is very hot rubbish. Eighteen phrases repeat throughout one hundred forty prints. The art set up, titled Eyes Large Shut, is the work of Evanston-primarily based artist, designer, and letterpress printer Ben Blount. 

“The initial phrase I imagined of was bullshit,” states Blount. He brainstormed, questioned loved ones and mates, and far more came: Exhausting. Nurtured. Traumatic. Wack. Blount arranged them into 6 “buckets” by theme—three words speak to white supremacy’s emotional toll, 3 to its absurdity, 3 to its constructed mother nature, and many others. Eyes Large Shut engages the many facets of white supremacy, and the tensions that exist between them. As

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