Where to Get Your Winter Gear

Previous summer time, it was biking and boating. Now, with a lot of of our favored Twin Cities points of interest shut, Minnesotans—yes, even far more now than usual—are turning to out of doors sports activities and functions to plow via a extended, tough, lonely winter. And with a strong layer of snow on the ground, regional shops and rental outposts are viewing their equipment virtually fly off the shelves.

As snowshoe newcomers and ski pros alike check out Minnesota’s winter landscapes in history quantities, we rounded up regional spots wherever you can get or hire skis, snowshoes, skates, and other cold-temperature equipment for living your finest lifetime in the daring north.

Gear West

This 12 months, Gear West’s most preferred winter purchases have been leisure skis and snowshoes—and women’s sizes are selling out specifically fast (go women!). Nevertheless it will not do rentals (Gear West basically had to promote

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